1/4 Inch Gigs - Call for works!

  • Deadline:
    July 15, 2003, 9:20 p.m.

1.4 INCH

Any performers in Australia who perform using current digital technologies, utilise, remix field recordings, build new custom interfaces for interaction with visual or music software, noise artists or are involved in free improvisation with acoustic instruments and are intersted in performing in the sydney region please contact me or julius ambroisine to discuss submission requirements.


or come to the gig listed below and we can disucss opputunitys there!

Saturday July 26th @ the frequency lab/

Stasis Duo
andrew mortensen and jeremy craib

Julys 1.4 Inch gig sees the boys from radio alice taking a front seat at 1.4 Inch. Snagglepussy continues her rampage of the Sydney experimental circuit and Andrew Mortensen and Jeremy Craib are sure to entertain with an imrovised gizmotic turntable performance.

the frequency lab is located in sydney at 342 elizabeth st, hibernian house. opp. the dental hospital and central station.

Please forward on to any interested parties! :)