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hi there
i hope everyone is well.
I was wondering if anyone would like to assist me with my latest installation project

I'm preparing a proposal for a gallery here in Melbourne . For my project i want to paint paint lots of little images that i source from the web and install them into a space from floor to ceiling.

I'm wishing to publicly present a small portion of the hidden world of web activity as an examination of our private media habits and what happens in its transposition to a communal space . I interested in what re-configurations occur when digital traces from the underbelly of the net find themselves as subjects for reinterpretations in paint. I could find all these images myself but that would take forever and whats more it would not be true examination of online communities web browsing habits but only mine, and as you know, we all self-censor to a degree. I would much rather put out this request to the Rhizome community and make this project a far broader collaborative project.

So here's what i want from you. In order to make my painting installation diverse i need contributions. Send me
content that you indulge in for entertainment. Your after hours pursuits if you like. This can take the form of links or maybe send me gifs, jpegs, mpegs, animations etc, that you've found online that fascinate you. It's up to you what you want to give me but don't be shy. The more bizarre the better. They can be sourced from news, clip sites, fetish sites and more. If you are interested you can check out my website
anthony-sawrey.tk for my previous works in this area..

Your contributions will become part of my painterly reinterpretations.

I look forward to what you send.
send content in replies to this post or
contact me at