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The birth of the Electronic Man

  • Deadline:
    May 31, 2011, 3 p.m.
  • Location:
    University of Rome, La Sapienza, via Salaria 113, Rome, RM, 00100, IT

Something wonderful is about to happen.
100 years after McLuhan’s birth we all have the chance of becoming part of the body and mind of the Electronic Man.
The happy event will take place in Rome, on May 31st, 2011, during the celebration of McLuhan’s centennial, and it will engage everyone, everywhere.
Join us in the birth of the Electronic Man by giving it one of your emotions as a present!
It will only take you a couple of minutes:

download the PDF file at the address  http://electronicman.artisopensource.net/electronic-man-qrcode-stickers-a4.pdf
print it out: it contains the stickers that allow people to become part of the electronic man
cut the stickers apart, and attach them somewhere in your city, in your office, in your favourite bar, in your school, wherever you want
take a picture of the sticker and send it to us at info@artisopensource.net If you want can include your name, a link to your website, and a short bio: we will include all images and info at the exhibit for the big event for McLuhan’s Centennial celebrations in Rome, and on the Electronic Man’s website
if you want you can scan the QRCode on the sticker with your smartphone: it will take you directly to the Electronic Man, and you will be able to join its ubiquitous body

Or, if you don’t know how to scan a QRCode, you can go to this address: http://electronicman.artisopensource.net/index.php?i=1

(both modes will ask you for your location: it is used to understand the distribution of the body of the Electronic Man, we won’t do anything bad with/to your info, and we will throw it away immediately)
Please spread this message!
The Electronic Man is an opportunity to feel connected to your fellow humans!
And please come to the event in Rome if you’re close by: you will experience the birth of the Electronic Man.
The Electronic Man
Salvatore Iaconesi, concept | design | technology
Oriana Persico, communication | process | networks
FakePress Publishing, production
Art is Open Source, production
Maria Pia Rossignaud, curator | production
Media2000 & Associazione Amici di Media2000, production
Derrick de Kerckove, scientific direction | inspiration
Marshall McLuhan, this project could not have existed without him :)
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