Economie 0

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Economie 0 is a special issue of Upgrade! Paris, dealing with the relations between
Art & Economy. Within its 48h of lectures, it gathers 500m2 of installations, 3
workshops, a "Noplacard" concert, and a publishing & documentation space.

For 48h non stop!
Friday 15 Feb. (8pm CET) to Sunday 17 Feb. (8pm CET)
Location: La Menagerie de Verre, 12-14 rue Lechevin, Paris 11
And Ars Longa, 67 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11
M° Parmentier
Free admission

The admission to all the workshops is free. Please sign in at this address:
All lectures will be streamed on

With contributions by:
Christophe Atabekian, Crystelle Bédard, Maurice Benayoun, Hans Bernhard, Pierre
Bongiovanni, Christophe Bruno, Carl.Y, Grégory Chatonsky, Alexis Chazard, Katerina
Chryssanthopoulou, Serge Comte, Cosmin Costinas, Sylviane Diop, Disposition, Dorkbot
Paris, Benoît Durandin, la Cantine, N'Goné Fall, la Fédération Culture-Multimedia,
la FING, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Gawlab, David Guignebert, Sohpie Gosselin, Renée
Green, Gal Kirn, laboiteblanche, Philippe Langlois, Matthieu Laurette, Geert
Lovink*, Nathalie Magnan, les éditions MF, Antoine Moreau, Yann Moulier-Boutang,
Multitudes-Icônes, Noplacard (Nomusic et Placard), Mathieu Perona, Annick Rivoire,
Radiolist, Vincent Robert, Cyrille Le Rolland, RYBN, Antoine Schmitt, Michaël
Sellam, Société Réaliste, Marc Partouche, Syndicat Potentiel, UBERMORGEN, Nicolas
Thély, Gwenola Wagon, and other participants from elsewhere: Upgrade! Boston,
Montreal, New York, Scotland, Skopje, SL, Vancouver…

The first release of "NoPlacard" (a cross between Nomusic and Le Placard), the
inauguration of "Télévision Zero" on FreeTVPerso by Christophe Atabekian, and a
prototype of the Upgrade! International stream session, which allows 25 nodes of the
Upgrade Network to meet and share 48h of lectures on

This special issue of Upgrade! Paris aims to question the relations between Art and
Economy: the value of the work of art; the autonomy of the practices, of the
artistic production and diffusion; the emerging alternative models; the notions of
expense and loss, with a litmus test of the idea of neutralizing the artistic

This Upgrade special issue does not follow the classical transmitter-receiver
exhibition system. It is a multiple process, a communal space for cohabitation and
interference, and a platform where various actors from the artistic, research &
science scene meet. This think-tank is a critical space, which accepts and feed on
its contradictions.

Economie 0 is a concept by Gregory Chatonsky that describes artistic and social
phenomenon, which are not outside neither inside the economy, but neutralizes it.

*Geert Lovink will also take part in Troisieme Oeil, Sunday 17 feb 2008 (6 pm to 8
pm) at the Centre Pompidou ( His lecture at Economie 0:
Sunday 17 feb (3pm to 4pm CET)

Upgrade! Paris is organised by
We would like to thank: The Menagerie de Verre & Ars Longa.
With founding from: The "Culture & Communication Ministry", Arcadi (Action régionale
pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Île-de-France), Ponzi's Parasite
With the help from: RYBN,, Cela-Etant, Free, Maecia, G.I.S.S., CITU,
Mains d'Oeuvres, Actes'If Network, and Florence Brissard (Teletota).