Panel at ISEA 2011: Hypotheses: An Art/ Science Fair

  • Deadline:
    May 20, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    ISEA 2011 / Istanbul,

“Hypotheses: An Art/ Science Fair” invites artists, scientists, writers, theorists, and other makers to participate in a hybrid panel/ exhibition “science fair” to be held at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul. “Hypotheses: An Art/ Science Fair” will showcase ways in which both art and science ask questions, experiment with processes, and arrive at outcomes. 
Participants will be asked to present their research, artistic practice, create processes, or other work in the form a traditional science fair display, using the “scientific method” to: define a question, gather information and observations, form a hypothesis, perform an experiment to collect data, analyze the data, and draw a conclusion.  These steps will be presented visually on display boards.  (Each board will be approximately 36” x 48” that is tri-folded to stand up.) 
The boards will be displayed in a traditional “science fair” format at ISEA 2011 where viewers will be able to see and explore the questions posed from both artistic and scientific perspectives.  An event will be scheduled where attendees will have a chance to mix and mingle with participants, enjoy refreshments, engage in discussion, and of course see who wins a blue ribbon, just as one would in a traditional science fair. 
We seek a wide range of projects to be presented on levels that will be approachable for a wide audience.  This includes but is not limited to: artists using technology, scientists using data visualization, digital humanities, social media, urban ecologies, mobile art, and others.
Some references for those that might not be familiar:
If you would like to participate:
Please send an email expressing your interest that includes the following information:
-  Your name
-  Affiliation
-  Contact information
-  A proposed title for your “science fair project”
-  A brief description of your work/ research
-  Please indicate if you will be attending ISEA 2011 in Istanbul (note: we will accept submissions from those not attending, however we would prefer for participants to be there in person for discussion) 
Submissions due: May 20, 2011.
Participants will be notified by June 1, 2011.
Details on creating display boards, materials, and delivering work will be sent in early June. 
Please send submissions to: 
Hypotheses Co-Chairs:
Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
Assistant Professor, Design, University of San Francisco
Joel Swanson
Director, Technology, Arts & Media Program, University of Colorado at Boulder