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Daisy Chain: An Anarchic Performance Event

  • Deadline:
    April 30, 2011, 11:30 p.m.
  • Location:
    Antena, 1765 S. Laflin, Chicago, Illinois

Daisy Chain: An Anarchic Performance Event
Produced by Channel TWo
Antena Gallery, Pilsen, Chicago
May 13, 2011 6pm-10pm
Deadline for propsals: April 30
email to: daisychain@onchanneltwo.com
Daisy Chain is an interconnected series of performances that will be featured at Antena Gallery in Chicago while simultaneously occurring across the Internet.
Performances should incorporate one or more other performances in the series via projection, monitor, laptop or audio in the performance space. This will require an active Internet connection during the performance as well as two computers or devices that can access Ustream.com (http://www.ustream.tv/). Performers will be able to select from any other performance in the series but each proposal should remain open to the incorporation of another performance: react to, project behind, play audio over. Improvisation will need to be an element of any performance. Multiple performers are welcome to co-submit individual performances as a group that will "daisy chain".
We are seeking featured performers for projection in the gallery. We are especially interested in durational performance, including performances that might span from 6pm-10pm.
We welcome traditional performance but are also interested in performances that may not be likely to be shown in traditional venues: experimental, completely improvised, completely chaotic, non-artist, angry, bizarre, edge. (Note: We can make non-Ustream arrangements for performers likely to be banned from Ustream).
We are also interested in proposals for media mixing (dj/vj/etc) if you can explain how your performance will include (remix live?) other performances in the series.
Proposals should include:
Submission Requirements (Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered):
email to: daisychain@onchanneltwo.com
- Written proposal (as many words as required for your thoughts), via email. Include a vivid description of performance.
- Include how long the performance is. Shorter performances will be accepted but preference for featured performances will be given to longer duration performances
- Explain how the performance will include other performances in the series
- Links to previous performance footage
- Up to 4 jpeg images, no larger than 300 dpi, that support your proposal
- Artist Bio
- CV or Resume (if applicable)
Daisy Chain: An Anarchic Performance Event is curated by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook of Channel TWo.
Adam Trowbridge makes work exploring the aesthetic possibilities that arise as communication breaks down. He invents incidents and simulations that occur slightly above the noise level, between words that organize our communities and the chaos that lies beyond them. His work was recently awarded a 2011 Turbulence commission and has been featured nationally and internationally including The Grey Market and Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Pleasure Dome, Toronto; Workspaces Ltd., San Francisco, CA; The Hyde Park Center, Chicago, IL; and festivals in France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, and Russia. Trowbridge is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Contemporary Practices and Art and Technology Studies Departments at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Jessica Westbrook’s projects explore desire, visual cues, cultural artifacts, systems, language, and contradictory sensations that vacillate between great fortune and impending catastrophe. Always semantic in nature and modular in form, she considers her productions a section of visual language culled from a complex matrix of assets, reconfigured and repurposed per space and time. She was recently awarded a 2011 Turbulence commission and has exhibited work nationally and internationally including recent and upcoming projects for: gli.tc/h/ Chicago, InLight Richmond, Nature/Nurture Kinsey Institute, Carnegie Museum, and Experimental Media Series Hirshorn Museum of American Art Smithsonian Institute. She is currently an Assistant Professor and the Director of Technology Initiatives in The Department of Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.