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The Biological Canvas | VASA Online Gallery

  • Deadline:
    May 15, 2011, 9 p.m.
  • Location:
    VASA Online Gallery, http://www.vasa-project.com/gallery_home.php,

Today's artist uses a dramatically advanced set of media and
technologies to integrate into the process of their artwork (X-Ray, MRI,
Ultrasound, Plastic Surgery, Embodiment, DNA, Information Technology,
etc.) .  A new movement is in full-swing that recapitulates the
Renaissance world where artist and scientist existed in an overlapping
The Biological Canvas seeks artists who are
working with concepts of body as canvas.  Biotechnology, Genetic
Therapies, Technological Embodiment, and Advanced Surgical Processes 
have opened the doors for artists to begin using their body as the
ultimate design palette.  
How will emerging technologies revise the human experience?
How will integrations into the body begin to reform vision and culture?
How can new technologies be used to advance the human body?
What are the pros/cons to transitions away from a purely Darwinian dictated evolution?
What is possible with these new findings?
Curated by: Patrick Millard

Submission Guidelines |
email with image/video/media that best represents artwork, artist
statement, image title, date, media used and conceptual + technical
process that states how the work has created to
patrick@patrickmillard.com.  Please title email "The Biological Canvas"
Important Dates |
May 15th - Submission deadline
May 20th - Selected artists announced
May 30th - Exhibition goes live on VASA website