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ISEA 2011, Panel Call for Participation: "Code: Intellectual Property, Fair Use and Plagiarism"

  • Deadline:
    April 24, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    ISEA 2011, Istanbul,

Panel Description: Within the digital arts, programming is often taught through code samples, tutorials, modification and adaptation. But this practice can become problematic as we try to locate intellectual property through regulatory practices designed for natural language, like plagiarism, onto computer languages.  Through an open discussion, this panel seeks to address these theoretical complexities, and explore pedagogical perspectives and practical solutions t0 locating intellectual property within code.
The Panel Moderators seek participants for a discussion at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul. To participate, please send a e-mail expressing interest and relevant experience to the panel moderators Joel Swanson: joel@joelswanson.net / Rachel Beth Egenhoefer: Rachel Beth Egenhoefer rachel@rachelbeth.net