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Receiver Gallery Opening Reception: Charlie Callahan -

  • Location:
    San Francisco

‘See 4 Sail’
Opening Reception @ Receiver Gallery
Saturday February 2nd, 7-10pm


Callahan's videos, drawings and installations of varying scale hinge on hyper-florescent colors adorning the discarded: gnarled barnacles, pockmarked sea urchins and crude oil collected off the coast of Crete. Working primarily with foamboard and other found recycled materials, Callahan transforms contemporary synthetic creations and actual found objects into larger-than-life natural wonders.

Callahan forces the intersection between nature and the gallery, dragging in the detritus and declaring it worthy of adorning whitewashed walls. Like lava, Callahan's sea-inspired pieces are coastal fragments fossilized without a superficial sheen. These are works that cannot be ignored; whether they jut and pierce out from the walls and tower over viewers or perched at eye level, they quietly beg for intimate scrutiny.

Receiver Gallery
1415 Valencia Street @25th street
San Francisco, CA 94110
415.550.RCVR (or 415.550.7287)