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Wireless Art Competition

  • Deadline:
    July 9, 2003, 12:50 a.m.

Wireless Art Competition in ResFest Korea 2003
Co-organized by Art Center Nabi

Art Center Nabi is looking for artworks and creative ideas for Wireless Art Competition in conjunction with Resfest Korea 2003. We hope to explore the potentials of mobile and wireless as new communication and expressive medium for art practice. Works can be described as mobile art, wireless art or multimedia experiments that open up the possibilities of newly-emerged technology of wireless. Korea, known for its nation-wide broadband network, is also a leading country of wireless technologies and services. On this ground, Art Center Nabi aims to support the production of wireless art. Our ongoing efforts in the research and production of wireless art are exemplified by the commission of Maurice Benayoun's Watch Out! in 2002.

Art Center Nabi is a center for media arts located in Seoul Korea. Nabi aims to nurture creativity in art by facilitating communication across diverse disciplines of humanities, science, technology and art. For more information, please visit our website at www.nabi.or.kr.


1) audio visual art for mobile phone: multimedia experiments which explore the characteristics and parameters of mobile phone.

- audio visual works (3 minutes or less)
- screensaver for mobile phone (visual-only, 30 seconds or less)

Submission format: VHS, Mini DV, DVCAM, or CD-ROM are possible, but Mini DV and DVCAM are preferred.

Minimum pixel size: A submission in a CD-ROM should be 352X288 or 320X240 for screening at the festival theater.

*Note 1
The selected work will be converted to the appropriate format for mobile phone presentation in Korea. The applicant should consider the following mobile format. (Please note that this is not the submission format)

- pixel size: 176X144
- frame: 10~15 frame per second
- screen size: approx. 350mmX290mm

*Note 2
Works previously made for other mediums can also be submitted. However, ones that were already aired through mobile platform cannot be accepted.

2) proposal for wireless art project:
Proposals of any format of artworks that exploit the characteristics of wireless technology such as mobility, ubiquity or networkability and those that explore the themes of bodily relations, surveillance or public vs. private, among others.

Submission format: art proposal (project description, sketches/images, technical note)


Prize$ 2,500 US will be awarded to the winner of each category.

Commission (for wireless art proposal only):
Art Center Nabi will commission the selected art proposal if the project is technically conceivable.

Deadline: August 18, 2003
Announcement will be made at Art Center Nabi website on September 1, 2003.

How to apply
1.download the application form and complete it (* the downloadable application form will be available from July 9th on Nabi homepage (www.nabi.or.kr/en/)

2.materials to be attached:
Category 1)
Your work in the appropriate format (see the note 1 above), project description, brief bio

Category 2)
idea proposal (project description, sketches/images, technical note), brief bio

3.email above materials or send them TOGETHER via mail to the address below:

email to:choi@nabi.or.kr
post:Wireless Art Competition
Art Center Nabi
4th Fl. SK Bldg., 99 Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul Korea 110-110
tel: +82-2-2121-0919

* Please note that submitted materials will not be returned to the applicant.


Art Center Nabi

ResFest Korea 2003