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Christine Sciulli Solo Show

  • Location:
    New York

Christine Sciulli, Solo Show "Fugue State"
Chi Contemporary Fine Art, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
293 Grand Street, Brooklyn, 718 218 8939
Opening Friday January 11, 2008.
Closes February 3, 2008.

My current body of work attempts to create a dialogue between a projection and a transformation of that projection.

A Fugue State is a psychological term for an involuntary disassociation from one's own identity through the loss of personal memory. Those in a Disassociative Fugue experience sudden amnesia of their identity and personal history but are otherwise functional.

In Fugue State, a projected line of light becomes unravelled and fluidly recast as it is intercepted by physical lines and transparent surfaces. The straight line is simultaneously presented as well as sinuously redrawn into hovering languid curves and darting points of light.