• Location:
    New York

Reception: Friday Jan 4, 2008 from 6 - 8pm

Curated by SuperGlue

Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway (btw Broome & Grand Sts)
7th Floor

Regular Gallery hours: Mon - Sat 10:00a - 6:00p
(Ring the 7th floor to enter)

Broadway Gallery is pleased to present New curated by the art collective SuperGlue. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between SuperGlue and individually selected emerging artists. As an adjunct show to SuperGlue's debut exhibition, Old & New, each SuperGlue artist has invited an artist to fill his or her space on the wall, to extend the collaborative spirit of a collective. This exhibition will feature the work of some exciting up-and-coming artists working in a variety of media, featuring the photography of Yasmine Soiffer, Carla Weber, Anna Wiezerbicka, and Erin Robinson; the painting of Brandon Melchior, Dave Bratton, and Tomashi Jackson; the collographic prints of Kristina Brown; and the spray paint stencils of Jillian Corbett.

About SuperGlue
SuperGlue is a not-for-profit group of young painters, writers, photographers, and graphic designers from the New York metropolitan area who believe in the use of art as a vehicle for social activism. Their regard for art as a powerful medium for connecting, supporting, and inspiring communities has shaped the aspirations of this youthful collective.

The Exhibit runs from 1/4-1/15