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Black Maria Gallery Presents Discover 3D

  • Location:
    Los Angeles

Discover 3D
Black Maria Gallery explores the world of fine art stereography

19 January - 16 February 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday 19th January, 7:00 - 10:30pm

Black Maria Gallery: 3137 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm until 6pm (or by appointment)

Artists: Heather Lowe, Abe Fagenson, Perry Hoberman, Claudia Kunin, Franklin Londin, Larry Ferguson, Boris Starosta, Terry Wilson, Levon Parian and Ray Zone.

Black Maria Gallery inaugurates 2008 with a January show of eight artists working in three-dimensional media. Curated by 3D artist and writer Ray Zone, the Discover 3D exhibition features a wide-ranging array of stereoscopic images viewed with many different techniques. Among the unique 3D formats presented are View-Master, large-scale wall mounted stereographs and anaglyphs as well as classic formats from visual history that use the conventional stereoscope.

Several of the artists create work so that the stereo viewing device becomes an art object in itself, a wall-mounted or freestanding sculpture through which the 3D image is perceived. Other works make a “site-specific” use of the Black Maria Gallery environment to create a stereographic viewing zone. Virtual reality is also suggested by the creation of images that appear to inhabit the gallery space.

“It’s exciting to present such a diverse array of stereoscopic images and formats,” observes Zone. “3D imaging is a technique with potential for many fine art applications. The Discover 3D show is a great demonstration of artistic possibilities and just how many unique ways there are to look at three-dimensional images.”