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An online viewers guide with stimulating questions 4 viewers 2 log & compare responses to "Challenge of the Falls" as we follow reactions.
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Longwood Florida United States of America
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We are creating an innovative process of producing a Tumblr viewers guide with questions for audiences to answer as they watch so the visual presentation becomes an interactive experience. Viewers join us on Tumblr by expressing personal stories on that arise as they witness our story of personal challenge, bonding, faith & perseverance. This way audience members are not just witnesses, they join the story.

We want to create an interactive Viewers Guide that asks questions that can be answered on Tumblr. Questions allow multiple choice answers & longer personal responses. What do U think? Would U give it a Tumblr?
Project Timeline and Budget

1. June-July: We will create a website with a visual presentation of Challenge of the Falls
The video pauses to ask viewers questions & allow the audience to respond in writing or with video clips of them sharing their feelings, then continue the story. This is a Tumblr interactive media arts presientation 200 woman hours @ $10/hr = $2,000
2. August-September: We will beta test the site asking for comments & critiques.
3. Oct- Nov: We troubleshoot, respond to comments & critiques 150 woman hours @$10/hr = $1,500
4. December: Holiday Full Public Release
5. April-May: we will compile comments & produce a video documenting the process of creating the viewers guide and how it rated with viewers. 150 woman hours @$ = $1,500

We have the computers, programs & skills. We just want to be able to dedicate the time to producing this innovative Tumblr interactive media art form.
About the Artist(s) Involved

MichelleLynn Harvey II, President & CEO of MichelleLynn Productions, LLC, is the perfect blend of talent, experience, and education to develop & create this uniquely innovative creative production.
As a video production entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in electronics technology & robotics, 19 years of experience as talent and 6 years of experience practicing every job behind the camera, as well as 6 years of experience as an on camera interviewer & researcher. Analysis and implementation are her forte. She has a wealth of technical and formal college education as well as hands-on experience.
As a NASA technical intern, she designed & created a back office wiki user-updated web-sharing space updating scientists & engineers at the Kennedy Space Center. She also created and presented jargon-free user-guides for new software including Microsoft SharePoint collaboration & content management service, then taught SharePoint to her colleges.
As Media Team Leader at a NFL Youth Education Town Center, she taught & performed the duties of director, editor, grip (camera), gaffer (lights), best boy (electrician), sound tech, music engineer, and on-camera interviewer.
As an Associate Producer at “The Movie Studio,” in Ft Lauderdale she managed product placement advertising, all aspects of production as needed, & the office for a B-movie. As President/CEO of her video production company, MichelleLynn Productions, she's produced everything from music videos to child education programs & instructional yoga videos from concept to script, then packaged the final product.
MichelleLynn has performed in every aspect of video production, has designed & built award-winning technology, & if she hasn't used a program, give her two weeks & she can write a jargon-free user-guide worthy of a NASA scientist. She has a reputation for being a person who performs beyond expectations.
This robotics team leader, associate producer for the Movie Studio (formerly Destination Television) and effective mentor enjoys the benefits creative production while working for NASA, & The NFL YET Center and is now prepared to share her stories in the most technically innovative artistic way.

Michelle “Sujai” Harvey Sr., The Managing Director, Project Engineer has been managing engineering and technology projects since 1977 when she was the 1st female hired to work construction for the Federal Highway Administration. They recognized her clear & direct communication skills, ability to analyze situations and determine the proper course of action as what they needed. These skills, in conjunction with an uncanny ability to anticipate problems & devise solutions before needs arise, make her an asset to any organization.
Ms Harvey holds a Bachelor of Science degree, and is the civil engineer who has worked for:
The Federal Hwy Administration as a co-op student paying for her college education serving as a bridge engineer, soil/concrete/asphalt lab tech, environmental specialist & traffic accident report analyst;
Chevron Oil Company as a the 1st female North East Division Engineer evaluating, designing solutions, hiring contractors, inspecting operations, upgrading, & maintaining plants & facilities from Bangor Maine to Norfolk Virginia;
Blue plains Waste Water Treatment Plant as the lead facilities management engineer and Architectural Engineering Liaison developing innovative designs, and researching state of the art operations for implementation to save over $10 million annually in operating costs;.
Holistic Arts Associates Engineering Consulting facilitating optimum design, implementation & operations for clients nationally & internationally;
As the Chair of the Steering Committee & 1st Elected Board President of the Arts & Technology Academy, Public Charter School in Washington DC, Michelle Harvey organized parents and teachers into a team of school curriculum & pedagogy designers whose charter application was approved in the 1st round of applications;
In addition, she served as the after care coordinator for Barbara Ann’s Child Development Center, the computer education teacher and multimedia center director for the Boys & Girls Club in Davie Florida, PTA President, The Self Help Group Coordinator for the National Black Women's Health Project (Now the Black Women's Health Initiative) with a holistic approach to life that strengthens family.
After making the choice to take her gifted & talented daughter, MichelleLynn, to Trinidad, West Indies to complete her Primary Schooling, Michelle Harvey found her project management skills were in demand. From reorganizing the library at Newtown Girls Roman Catholic School, to motivating & tutoring students, as well as becoming the curator of the Emancipation Support Committee annual Art Exhibition, her talents where appreciated. Ms Harvey’s primary activity in Trinidad was as director of The Haven Guest House where she coordinated guest activities in her 8 bedroom home.
Michelle Harvey Sr. has enjoyed a variety of experiences as her gifts and talents have opened doors wherever she goes. MichelleLynn Productions is a culmination of the benefits of her project management experiences and promises to produce the most exciting outcomes yet!
Artist(s) Work Samples

Because this has not been done before we have no real example of the current project, but the following shows some what we have done & can do.

This is our company's general promotional video

This video shares short clips from past projects showing some of our services:

This is a short teaser of something we plan to manifest in a few years.

MichelleLynnVIP is MichelleLynn's Tumblr page.

This video produced last month is similar to what most a lot of people are looking for:

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  • Michelle Sujai | Sat, May 11th, 2013 5:20 p.m.
    We want to create an interactive Viewers Guide that asks questions that can be answered on Trumblr. Questions allow multiple choice answers & longer personal responses. What do U think? Would U give it a Trumblr?
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