interactive rap video that automatically inserts supporters into it publicly. a 3 minute short story that shows an artist go from the bottom 2 da top.
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Bridgehampton New York United States of America
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Project Description

this is an official Kickstarter project that correlates to an unofficial and simulated Kickstarter.

one of them, the REAL one that is exhibited on, will show a Yung Jake at a low point. he is lonely, in his bare room, requesting money to create a high budget music video. it will be very low fi since he is at a point where he doesn't have the means do bring his aspirations to life. however, these aspirations will be depicted in a very low budget way (i.e cardboard, cheap green screen, mediocer cars).

the other, the SIMULATED kickstarter page will be exhibited on we will see these aspirations of fame and fortune gradually coming into fruition in real time within the span of approx. 4 mins. picture Yung Jake getting a $3,000 donation, and then the webcam is switched out to a HD camera. the vid will start at the same low point (budget wise) as the REAL kickstarter, but will end in a fantasy world where he has everything that he sought out to gain; the 'money' received will directly go into the video as you are watching. we see Yung Jake go from endearingly low fi to some ridiculous baller shit.

in real life though, Kickstarder will use Kickstarter as a platform to include viewers into itself. based on the amount donated, the backers will be given the oportunity to be automatically inserted into the piece. so for example, if they donate a smaller amount of money their name will be inserted into the beginning (where I haven't made much money yet) on if they pay more their avatars could be tiled in the background of a green screened shot. the video will contain clickable areas that link to rewards. viewers can take part in the accumulation of my material possessions. As I begin to ball out harder, there will be a clickable space on my chest that display options to buy me a chain. if the users buys me one, the next time the video is viewed, I will be wearing an additional virtual chain. each dynamic piece of content will have a hover state that displays the donor's name. when clicked, it can link to their website of choice. another idea for a prize is a billboard. in a wide shot you'll see me rapping in front of a giant billboard like the shot in Started from the Bottom by Drake.


however, the billboard will be blank and another dynamic element that can be purchased and used to display whatever the backer wants. because of the importance of the shot this will be one of the more expensive prizes.

other prizes include:

★ upload an image to be on my shirt
★ upload an image to be on my hat
★ upload your face to be digitally projected onto a digital extra
★ a scene of it shot at a show at your house

it will be an ever developing video that updates over time based on who got my back; an apparatus to sell ad space and/or a platform to display user generated imagery.

this piece expands upon the theme of simulation that i tried to put forth in my previous work but goes even further in questioning what is real.
Project Timeline and Budget

The project will take under a year to complete. I anticipate a release late 2013.

planning (1 week):
this step includes writing the song, determining the possible effects. and accumulating a team
cost - $0

equipment rental (2 hours):
cameras, dollies, lenses, etc..
cost - $1,000

shooting (1 week):
cinematographer ($1,000). crewing ($1,000).
cost - $2,000

editing (3 weeks):
I will be doing the editing myself and will occur during the next couple of steps. this will be a video without all the dynamic user inserted content. a straight forward video that has empty spaces for viewers to be inserted into.
cost - $0

coding (2 months)
this includes putting together the code that automates the dynamic content inclusion. 2 additional coders will need to be hired at a rate of $20 an hour. with 10 hour weeks we will need to pay them a total of about $2,000 for that span of time, depending on how fast it is done. my programmer himself will cost another $2,000 for the labor he will be putting in.
cost - $3,000

web design (1 month)
this step will take place during the coding period. it entails rebuilding a Kickstarter project page on this page will include time based video effects to create the illusion af the project getting rapidly backed as you view it.
cost - $1,000

implementing (2 weeks)
this step involves inserting all of the code into to the video so dynamic content inclusion can be tested. also this stage involves embedding the video onto the webpage and tweaking the time-based code so it works in time with the video.

beta testing (1 week)
we will then have a select group test the functionality of the project. these people will be aloud to be inserted into the project for free for the span of a week. the people will be given different amounts of theoretical money to buy the different levels of insertion/interaction.
cost - $0

live period post-release (1 month)
in this period the official Kickstarter is live and users can interact, donate and insert themselves into the piece. after this period the project will still be viewable but people can no longer donate or join into the piece.
cost - $0

total time span: 4 months
total cost: $7,000
About the Artist(s) Involved

Yung Jake was born on the Internet in 2011. His debut YouTube video Max Moyer combined a slide-show of photos poached from one young Max Moyer's Facebook and Yung Jake's custom cocky rap track, mythicizing the character and his seemingly opulent lifestyle. This began a series of clips documenting the evolution of the Jake ego itself. His next, more sophisticated piece Datamosh heavily explored the digital effect of datamoshing, its rap track parodying the trend of datamoshing in music videos and video art. In 2012, Jake broke though the YouTube format and the third wall of Internet user experience by creating a sophisticated, self-aware web video experience, its feature track commenting on Jake's own Internet fame while a duplicate of a YouTube video page filled the screen with dynamic, meticulously-coded windows and elements referenced in the track, from growing YouTube hits to banner ad models coming to life and onto Jake's lap. Displaying commendable technical proficiency, pointed meta-criticism and mad funny rhymes, Jake's vibrant video work is accessible and zeitgeisty, laced with pop-culture references, inside art jokes and editing tricks, then dozed with swag., Datamosh and his latest augmented reality app, Augmented Real, were featured in this year's Sundance Film Festival. Yung Jake stay on the innernet and keeps coming out with new heat.
Artist(s) Work Samples

here is a vid I made 2 years ago:
[youtube] [/youtube]

here is a work I made about becoming famous on the Internet and taking control of that trajectory. to view this work you must go to this link on a computer: *

* it needs chrome or safari to run and pop up blockers MUST BE TURNED OFF

select always allow than refresh the page

my latest piece that i showed you attempts to merge the physical world with the digital. it's about presenting myself to an audience without being there. how numb you can be to the world through misrepresentation and drugs. to view this piece follow the instructions below. see attached image (you will need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or an Adroid device).

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