Google Images at 30fps

A web based project that would allow users to create movies based on search terms. Images would be played at 30fps, arranged by size, shape and color.
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Los Angeles California United States of America
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I have been fascinated by the built in functionality of google image search, by the way that images can be arranged by size, shape, color and content.

Google Images at 30fps (working title) would explore the limits of the search engine as well as the viewers relationship to the images that are presented. It would explore what emerges from the rapid juxtaposition of images arranged according to search terms and played back according to the structures of googles built in functionality. It would allow users to discover new narratives and perhaps to see beyond the images initial intent.

It could be used for entrainment but also for research. It would be a way of looking deeper into the collective psyche of google and, perhaps, part of the psyche of our time.
Project Timeline and Budget

The project will take place between June and August but should only require one month of intense work.

Total Budget needed: $4000

$3000 - code and development (freelance programmer at $25 per hour for 120 hours)

$1000 - hosting and server space
About the Artist(s) Involved

I am an artist, designer and technologist. My art practices, explores the interweaving of technology, light and space through a variety of mediums including installation, sculpture, video, print, photography, electronics and code. I will be completing my MFA at CalArts in May and will be a member of the first graduating class of the new Art and Technology program.

I am fascinated by the ways in which interactions with technology effect our perception and experience. I hope that my work is accessible on multiple levels, that it inspires the imagination and allows for new ways of seeing, understanding and interpreting our technologically mediated condition.

My work outside of creating art objects and installations is currently focused on the spatialization of the Internet (the geospatial web) and, in particular, relationships of new mobile technologies, narratives and urban space.

I received my Masters in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh in 2007 and then moved to London where I worked as a photographer and performed in a live audio-visual electronic music collective. I currently live and work in Los Angeles.
Artist(s) Work Samples

I have not made any work designed to be output on the internet alone. This would be a fantastic opportunity to do so.


- a 500x digital microscope taking live feed from a crack in the gallery left by the 1994 northridge earthquake. The feed was projected on the wall. It was about 7 feet tall.


- a 25 minute loop of a video and its inverse. The left triangle would fade to blue as the right triangle faded in and vice versa. The projections were about 7 feet tall.


- a series of prints exploring the limits of high resolution black printed at high speed and low quality settings.
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