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The continuation of the image and URL crowd sourcing platform Blind Mist to be remade as a openly participatory domain
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New York New York United States of America
Artists Involved

Jon Vingiano
Project Description

Blind Mist is a platform that relies on participants to submit their URL to an open database.
From here, the website scrapes every image off the URLs participants offer and adds those images to another archive.
There is no limit to the number of URLs/images a participant may add.
A stream of images from this archive is presented at random on the Blind Mist homepage.
Each image functions as a link back to its original website, allowing users to continue exploring content they found interesting.
Through Blind Mist, we intend to offer an alternative to the dominant blogging format of aggregated or self-selected digital media and open possibilities for new, unforeseen juxtapositions in visual content.
Additionally, we are interested in promoting a platform that mixes 'high' and 'low' artworks, allowing any and all content to be viewed in the same, uniformly context-free space for further investigation– hence the name's reference to a 'blind draw'.
While the internet is often spoken of in terms that represent a desire for fast paced action ('The information superhighway', 'surfing', 'Tumbling',
'streams of content', 'torrents') we often come to see online content in isolated, static presentations.

Blind Mist is an attempt to show content at a pace more compatible with contemporary media landscape in which we exist.
Blind Mist is also an attempt to offer a chance for the discovery of our peers artwork in a way that sidesteps the troubled subjectivity associated with curating.
By allowing everyone to mutually benefit through exposure and contribution, Blind Mist is currently the beginning of an artistic commonwealth, fulfilling the artistic potential of a decentralized population only feasible in our digital age.

At the time of this submission, there have been 1207 URLs submitted and over 300,000 corresponding images circulating in the ever-growing visual archive.
We are confident in the potential of Blind Mist to serve as a new, digitally specific blogging format and would like extend the project's functionality to include even more user input.
Our goal in soliciting Rhizome for a commission is to expand Blind Mist from being a single website to being a domain where users may create their own, private or invitation-only archive for viewing.
This means that Blind Mist would go from being to being
Users would be able to establish their own webpage through Blind Mist and curate exhibitions of their friends' websites.
By allowing these URLs to be participated on in an invite-only manner, users may also invite their friends to contribute to a group blog– each user adding URLs only the group finds relevant to their interests.
Alternately, users may use the Blind Mist domain as a chance to host their own work –adding their own website's URL– and presenting their art in a randomized fashion.
Through this expansion, we are also looking to add videos (in addition to still images and GIFs) as content made available through Blind Mist's stream.
We look forward to the expansion of Blind Mist as a chance for users to not only participate in the homepage as a commonwealth, but to offer the architecture of Blind Mist for public use as well.
Project Timeline and Budget

1.5k programming
1.5k resources (storage and hosting of images/data)
3k total
The initial version would be open to a smaller group of people who are Rhizome members and would be considered a beta version.
6-8 months until v1
12 months until the finished product
About the Artist(s) Involved



Faculty in Digital Art, New York University, 2010-Now
2010-2012, Masters in Fine Arts, New
York University, Merit Scholarship
2007-2010, Bachelor’s in Visual and
Critical Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Presidential
Scholarship and Leadership Award
2006-2007, Bachelor’s in Fine Arts,
School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Full Tuition Scholarship

P.A., The Joanna, Houston. May 2011
Automatic Redirect, Create Art Today in association
with PPOW Gallery, New York. June 2010
Retrospective: Works from 2009-2010
Extra Extra, Philadelphia. March 2010 
Blood Fountain,
Golden Age, Chicago. September 2008
Interventions, The Future Gallery, Berlin. March 2008
Concordia University, February 2011
Island School of Design, November 2010
Immaterial Dispersal Panel, The
Guild Art Gallery, New York, September 2010
UIC Graduate Exhibition, Chicago,
May 2010
SAIC Guest Artist Lecture, Chicago,
April 2010

Raise Your Flag! Bornet Cyber Café, Madrid Spain,
April 2011
Post Internet Survival Guide, Future Gallery Berlin, January
Landscape, Elysian Park Museum of Art, Los
Angeles, October 2010
Speed Show Vol. 4 by Aram
90 Bowery
Internet Café, New York. October 2010
Collective Show, Silvershed curated by Patrick
Meagher, New York, September 2010
Please Remember Everything, Actual Size, Los Angeles,
September 2010
, Kulturehuset
Toldkammeret, Helsingor, Denmark. July 2010
TROLL, Envoy Enterprises, New York.
July 2010
The Amazone
, Raum Zur Kunst, Basel. April 2010
Avatar 4-D, Noma Gallery, San Francisco. April 2010
, Los Angeles County Museum of Art,
Los Angeles. April 2010
MIRRORS, Reference Art Gallery, Richmond, Virginia. January 2010
Let’s Pretend This
Never Happened
, workspace, Los
Angeles. December 2009
On Me On You, Butcher Gallery, Toronto. November 2009
Minor Threats, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland. November 2009
Everything Is
, Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles.
August 2009
Some Things Just
Stick In Your Mind
, Rochester
Institute of Technology, January 2009
So Far From Shore, H.E. Photo Epicenter, San Francisco. November 2008
Meet Waradise, 17 Orchard St., New York. November 2008
Things Are Strange, New Century Artists, New York. November 2008
The Young Jerks, H.E. Photo Epicenter, San Francisco. September 2008
Tiny Vices, New York Photography Festival, Curated by Tim Barber. June
The Best and The
, The Arm, Brooklyn. May 2008
Dark Matter, Version Festival, Chicago. May 2008
Harold Arts Group Exhibition, NEXT
Fair, Chicago. May 2008

An Immaterial
Survey of Our Peers
Sullivan Galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago, March 2010
Double Dutch, Ben Schumacher, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Liam Crockard,
September 2009
Bright Branches, Jessica Labatte, September 2009
No More Perfect
, Andrew Laumann and Justin Kelly,
August 2009
The First Letter
of Every Word is You,
Vickers and Sarah Hartnett, August 2009
Everything Again, Kevin Gallagher, June 2009
Alone, Together, Daniel Everett, June 2009
Scott Projects
Booth at Artist Run Chicago
, Hyde
Park Art Center, May 2009
May 23 At Scott
, Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Aylor
Brown, Bailey Salisbury, Carson Fisk-Vittori, May 2009
Scott Projects
Booth at NEXT Fair
, Chicago. May
New Works, Thomas Roach, May 2009
Now That's What I
Call Painting
, Group Exhibition
Curated By Joel Dean, April 2009
Dedicated To The
, Samuel Lipp, March 2009
Either Both/And or
, Scott Cowan and Paul Cowan,
February 2009
Mimosa, Marco Kane Braunschweiler and Martine Syms, January 2009
Gatekeeper Performance, December
Works Not On The
, GoodDrawers Collective, November
Winners Circle, Michael Hunter, October 2008
Means To An End, Heaven Gallery, Chicago. July 2008
- My writing
on internet art has been featured on Dis Magazine, 491, Art Fag City, and Rhizome
- Co-founder
of State, a Tumblr that encourages
young internet artists to give written statements of intent about their work
- Contributor to Bevel and Boss,
a catalogue of contemporary art online, December 2008 though Now
- Founder and writer for On The
, a comprehensive monthly listing of every gallery and museum art
opening in Chicago with an emphasis on contemporary artist-run spaces, 2008
927 Grand Street, #2
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Emerson College, September 2006 – May 2009
B.A. in Experimental Media Production, minor in Publishing.
Additional coursework at MassArt and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.
Hyperpublic, Front End Engineer and Lead Designer, November 2010 – Present | New York, NY
• Responsible for the front end architecture of the Hyperpublic web application and developer site.
• Manage designers and information architects for work on the web application.
• Created and maintain the PHP and JavaScript wrappers for the Hyperpublic API.
• Represent the company at various events with developers, students, and entrepreneurs.
• Was the company’s first employee.
New Museum, Webmaster, March 2010 – November 2010 | New York, NY
• Maintained, updated, and fixed bugs on the New Museum’s main site.
• Conceptualized and built exhibition specific mini-sites to enhance the museum’s web presence.
• Coordinated, with the Department of External Affairs, all e-mail marketing initiatives.
• Contributed to the development process of the museum’s Digital Archive project.
• Launched the New Museum Blog.
• Responsible for creating, product managing, and conceptualizing the museum’s first iPhone
application, the Dream Machine.
Rhizome at the New Museum, Technology Associate, July 2009 – March 2010 | New York, NY
• Worked on Django application for a site-wide relaunch and redesign.
• Assisted the Technology Director in site optimization and maintenance.
WWOORRKK, Freelance Design, Development and Production, September 2006 – Present
• Select clients: New Museum of Contemporary Art, Creative Time, Beautiful Decay Magazine,
The Normative Music Company, The Himalaya Group, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
Company, Collective Access, Cengage Learning, Black Box Software, The Sarah Silverman Project,
Jerkschool Productions, Emerson College.
WERS 88.9, Creative Director, January 2008 – June 2008 | Boston, MA
• Responsible for conceptualizing and executing all of WERS’ visual communication, as well as
maintaining the station’s website with weekly updates.
• Assisted in the development and design of WERS’ website to include underwriting.
Beautiful Decay Magazine, Intern, Summer 2006 | Los Angeles, CA
• Assisted the Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director in the production of two issues. Led to regular
freelance work as a contributing writer throughout 2006-07.
• Responsible for designing HTML e-mail blasts, image editing for both print and web, mainte-
nance of the online store, and general administrative tasks.
• Programming Languages: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Ruby, Rails, PHP,
WordPress, ActionScript, SQL.
• Software: Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Quartz Composer, Lightroom, QuarkXPress, Final
Cut Pro, Google Analytics, Mixpanel.
• Work has been featured in the New Yorker, L Magazine, Boing Boing, Rhizome, and Vvork.
• Winner of two EVVY Awards from Emerson College for motion and print work.
Artist(s) Work Samples

Blind Mist /
Our latest collaboration, Blind Mist is a platform that allows users to participate by submitting their URL in a roll-over menu. Blind Mist then archives that URL and scrapes every image off of it for inclusion in a randomized stream of images on the site's homepage. These images function as links back to their original context.

Joyce Jordan /
A platform created by Brad and Chris Collins where users anonymously vote on and contribute visual art.

Bit.Ly Web Ring /
Jon made this website with Jeff Garneau at the Hackabit in November 2010.
The idea was concieved of with help from Bre Pettis of Makerbot as a way to surf other people's links when exploring the web.