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DIS images is a serial project focused on manipulating the codes and trends in stock photography.
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Project Location

Brooklyn New York United States of America
Artists Involved

Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, Nick Scholl, David Toro
Project Description

Soft Negotiations

We propose DISimages.com, a fully functioning stock image library dedicated to our ongoing investigation in the realm of stock photography. The purpose of a traditional stock photo is to be a “code without a message,” making it the ultimate image commodity: visual content that, without explicitly articulating anything, can be used for any number of purposes.
By adopting the standards already established by stock photo websites to distribute the images, DIS will explore the overproduction of images in the commercial photography market and the oversaturation of imagery in search engines and user-generated sites.
Through creating alternative scenarios and new stereotypes, we will question the medium and homogeneity of stock photography. And through co-opting certain aesthetics from commercial photography, we hope to infiltrate the marketplace, thus broadening the spectrum of lifestyle portrayal. As these images disseminate, they will be decontextualized and removed from the art context entirely.

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Images will be available for free with the DIS Images watermark or for purchase without it. DIS images will proliferate online and in different contexts such as brochures, PowerPoints, etc. Available for multiple—and hopefully conflicting—purposes, the images will circulate and adopt multiple meanings through their contexts and transformations.
DIS is collectively, Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, David Toro, and Nick Scholl.  We work as an entity to develop concepts and produce projects, but some roles are defined. Roso and Toro are the photographers, Boyle and Chase manage the wardrobe/casting/sets, and Scholl is responsible for the web development and programming.


Project Timeline and Budget

Due to the nature of the project there is no definitive end. It is accumulative and will evolve over time in a similar manner as DIS Magazine. We would like to focus on what we plan to accomplish in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.
Production Schedule 
  • 3 months - develop DISimages.com
  • 6 months - produce 400+ images and launch DISimages.com
  • 1 year - mass participation to generate new stock options

  • Photo studio - $3,000
  • Production costs (wardrobe, props, etc.) - $1,400
  • Dedicated web hosting = $600
About the Artist(s) Involved

Artist(s) Work Samples




New in Stock
In conjunction with the New Museum's “Free” exhibition, DIS documents the work and the art going experience while borrowing conventions from stock photography. The characters pictured in these documents are tourists, students, dealers, art administrators, curators, docents, and emerging artists.


Contemporary Internet Lifestyles
In a time of click farms and career surfers, DIS explores how to stay sexy, healthy, and comfortable while being addicted to the internet. 


Highly Effective People
DIS presents emerging office subcultures.  Inspired by the idealization of the corporate work place and its always evolving conventions, DIS re-invisions dress codes, and the visual communication of office attire.
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  • Ryder Ripps | Mon, Jun 13th, 2011 6:24 p.m.
    emerging office subcultures" i love u so much.

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