African Metropole: Sonic City Lagos

This project is the first in a series of gallery-based sound installations using sounds from African cities.
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Project Location

Mahwah New Jersey United States of America
Artists Involved

Project Description

This series is a sonic update of the 1920s city symphony films by Rutman, Strand, Vertov and others. The sounds of the Lagos, Nigeria will be the source for this work. Our multi-channel sound installation will make use of a center cluster of speakers and flat panel ultrasonic speakers that will project a narrowly focused and an extremely unidirectional beam of sound. These speakers, placed at key nodes in the gallery, will be mounted on an automated servomechanism and will give the illusion of sound following the participant through the space. The project will also include a mobile app that will allow listeners to stream audio in realtime. We plan to show the first phase of these installations at the Pascal Gallery at Ramapo College, New Jersey.
Project Timeline and Budget

$ 2000   Lagos Travel
$1000    Moving Arms/Control Software/Programming
$1200    Ultrasonic Speakers (two stereo pairs @ $600 each)
$1200    Mobile App Programming & Build
$ 600     Circle Truss (for hanging center speakers)
$ 500     Wall Text
$ 500     Lagos Studio Rental
$ 400     Arced Bench for gallery
$200 -    Cables & Misc Hardware
Total - $7,600

During this period we will conduct more research on the pre-colonial,
colonial, and contemporary issues in each Lagos. We will create a script for the work begin planning
with the hosting institution for the first installation.
We will spend two weeks in Lagos making field recordings and conducting
interviews. Then we will travel to Accra for two weeks interviewing and
making field recordings. While in each city we will meet with artists
and arts organizations to explore ways to partner on this project.
During this month we will work with the Lagos recordings in the studio.
The editing and processing of the Lagos recordings will continue. At this
point we will begin working with the ultrasonic speakers and
experimenting with the automation. Drafting will start for the maze.
We will finalize drafting. We will continue working with the speaker
system and we will start building the work in the studio.
We will finish building the maze and install and test the automated
speaker system. We will document the studio-mounted piece on video.
The work will be crated and instructions will be prepared for a spring exhibition.
The work will be installaed at the Pascal Gallery.
About the Artist(s) Involved

Mendi + Keith Obadike
Art/ Music/ Literature
Obadike Studio 32 Union Square East Suite 310 New York, NY 10003
2005 Duke University,            2004 Yale University, School of Drama
PhD, Literature                      MFA, Sound Design
1995 Spelman College                2001 North Carolina Central University 
BA English, Summa Cum Laude   BA, Fine Art
2010-11    Tribeca Performing Arts Center Residency
2010         New York Foundation of the Arts, Fiction    
2008-09    The Kitchen—Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance, Film, and Literature
2007-08    Vectors Fellow—University of Southern California (Annenberg Center / Institute for Multimedia Literacy)
2007        Commission, Northwestern University / Pick-Laudati Award for Digital Art
2006        Commission, Franklin Furnace Archive Inc.
2005        Commission, Whitechapel Art Gallery London
2005        Commission, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / New Museum of Contemporary Art
2004        Connecticut Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Sound Design
2004        Fellowship, Rockefeller New Media Fellowship
2004        Mellon Mays University Fellows Travel and Research Grant
2003        Commission, New York African Film Festival & Electronic Arts Intermix  
2003        Connecticut Commission on the Arts Award
2003        Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Prize, Lotus Press
2003        Commission, Lo-fi Net Art (UK)
2003        Gender and Race Research Award, Duke University
2003        Minority Faculty Research Award, Southern Connecticut State University
2002        Commission, Whitney Museum of American Art  
2002        Benjamin Slotznick New Media Award, Yale University
2002        Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art Grant, 2002-2003
2001        Breadloaf’s Bakeless Poetry Book Prize, Finalist
2000        Cave Canem Poetry Fellow, 2000-2002
1999         Distinguished Teaching Fellow, John Hope Franklin Seminars for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, Duke University
1998        John Hope Franklin Documentary Award

2012     African Metropole: 7 Soundscapes – Pascal Gallery, Ramapo College Solo Exhibition
2011      On Screen: Global Intimacy – H & R Block Artspace, Kansas City Art Institute
2010     Echo, Xiang, Eco: Meditations on the African, Andean & Asian Diasporas – Project Row Houses. Houston, TX. curated by William Cordova
2009-2010  On Screen: Global Intimacy –Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
2007-08     Unmonumental – New Museum of Contemporary Art (NY) curated by Massimilano Gioni, Laura Hoptman and Lauren Cornell
2007     Big House / Disclosure – Kresge Hall, curated by Huey Copeland and Krista Thompson
2006     The Carbonist School Study Hall – Eyedrum, curated by Cinqué Hicks and Charles Nelson
2005     Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self – San Diego Museum of Art curated by Coco Fusco and Brian Wallis
2005     Back to Black: Art, Cinema and the Racial Imaginary - The New Art Gallery Walsall
2005         Arte Nuevo Interactiva 05, Central Cultural Olimpo, Merida, Mexico curated by Raul Ferrara-Balanquet
2005          Back to Black: Art, Cinema and the Racial Imaginary Whitechapel Art Gallery (London), curated by Petrine Archer-Straw, David A. Bailey, and Richard J Powell
2005         Transmission II: Airborne – New Museum of Contemporary Art, organized by Anne Barlow, Defne Ayas and Free 103.9 
Transmission Arts
2005          Rhizome Artbase 101, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Lauren Cornell and Rachel Greene
2005         Net Art’s Cyborg[feminist]s, Punks, and Manifestos. Rhizome, curated by Marina Grzinic 
2005         Arte Nuevo InteractivA ’05, Centro Cultural Olimpo, Merida, Mexico, curated by Raúl Ferrara-Balanquet
2005         Transmission II: Airborne, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Anne Barlow, Defne Ayas, and Galen Hunter- Joseph
2005 Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self – El Museo del Arte Puerto Rico 
2004     Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self – Seattle Art Museum curated by Coco Fusco and Brian Wallis
2004         New Media: Who – Neuburger Museum of Art – Purchase College, curated by Jacqueline Shilkoff
2004         Powering Up/Powering Down – University of California, San Diego, curated by Teknika Radica (Nina Eidsheim)
2004      Ebay: Buy or Sell or Buy – Pace University Digital Art Gallery curated by Jillian Mac Donald
2004         Skills - Ingalls and Associates , curated by William Cordova
2003         Only Skin Deep – International Center for Photography, curated by Coco Fusco and Brian Wallis
2003         Digital Africa – Electronic Arts Intermix Gallery, curated by Mahen Bonnetti and Prerana Reddy, Advisor Okwui Enwezor
2003         Race and Digital Space 2.0, USC and LA MOCA, curated by Christiane Robbins
2003         subRational eRuptions, Turbulence, New Radio and Performing Arts, curated by Ryan Griffis
2002         Artport Internet Art commission - Whitney Museum of American Art, curated by Christiane Paul
2002         Race and Digital Space, Studio Museum in Harlem, curated by Erika Muhammad
2002         Race and Digital Space, Spelman College Art Museum, curated by Erika Muhammad
2001         Race and Digital Space, MIT/List Visual Art Center, curated by Erika Muhammad
2001         Collective Jukebox, Marseilles, France, curated by Jerome Joy,
2001         Audiophfile 6.0, Washington, DC, curated by Laura McGough,  
2001         Audio Art Generator, Linz, Austria,
2000         Infos 2000 Offline Net Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, curated by Tim Murray and Teo Spillers
2000        Transmissions Chapel Hill, NC, curated by Kenan Mc Donald,
1999        Sonik – the Danish Artnode Foundation and the Danish Film Institute, curated by Mogens Jacobsen (Sonik section)

2011        Art Program Jury for Association for Computing Machinery’s Creativity and Cognition Conference
2010     Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, Grant – Jury 
2009-present Times Square Alliance, Public Art Panel
2008     eSights, eSounds New Media Arts Award, Scribe Video Center
2007       Renew Media Technical Assistance Grant
2007     Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, Grant – Jury 
2006     New Media Arts Fellowship National Video Resources (Rockefeller and Ford Foundations) - Nominator
2005     New Media Arts Fellowship National Video Resources (Rockefeller and Ford Foundations) – Nominator
2004     New Media Arts Fellowship National Video Resources (Rockefeller and Ford Foundations) – Nominator
2004 Ya Heard: Sound from the Rhizome Artbase, permanent online exhibition, New Museum of Contemporary Art – Curator 
2001     DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival – Jury
2000      To Conserve A Legacy American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (North Carolina Central University Art Museum, Center for Documentary Studies and Duke University Museum of Art), organized by the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover and the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, curated by Richard Powell (Duke 
University) and Jock Reynolds (Yale University). -Exhibition Coordinator
1999-00     African Diaspora Film Series (Isaac Julien, Coco Fusco, and others) at the Center for Documentary Studies – Curator 
2010         The Stone, NYC (October & December)
2010         Roulette Intermedium, NYC
2009         Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL
2009         The Kitchen, NYC
2007         The Stone, NYC 
2007         The Poetry Project 
2007         Sound-Text Performance Symposium, Princeton University 
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2003         The Studio Museum in Harlem, reading in Response to the Gary Simmons exhibit, with Harryette Mullen and Gregory Pardlo
2002          Studio Museum in Harlem, reading of The Sour Thunder 
2002          Yale University – New Haven, Connecticut
2001         Duke University – Durham, North Carolina

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2001         Pavilion Arts Center / Media Arts Projects Leeds Public Library - Leeds, UK

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Artist(s) Work Samples

We've created several sound art works over the years. The project is our first large scale gallery installtion focused on place.
Sonic Mbari (2010)
Last March, we built Sonic Mbari, a sound installation at Project Row Houses in Houston, TX. The soundscape in this installation is a combination of original music and sounds combined with the sounds of Houston’s Third Ward community. Residents were interviewed about moments of spiritual transformation. The voices and field recordings were placed in an empty row house, and the sounds activated colored (red, cyan, pink and orange) electroluminescent wires creating a kind of sonic drawing in the dark, reflecting the deeply personal testimonies.
Big House / Disclosure (2007)
In 2007 we received a commission from Northwestern University to create Big House / Disclosure, a public sound installation and performance suite to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade. This project included text and graphic scores, interviews with Chicago-area citizens, and a 200-hour house song / sound installation created from vocal samples taken from the audio interviews. The sound installation was physically mounted on Northwestern University’s campus and the sound streamed to the web from the project website for 200 hours.

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