A journey through genres in a 3D interactive virtual environment.
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Project Location

New York New York United States of America
Artists Involved

Aaron David Ross, Matthew Arkell
Project Description

Tunnels is a 3D interactive virtual environment navigable with mouse and keyboard that places the viewer in a never ending sequence of tunnels each vividly depicting a certain time, narrative, genre, or trope.  Perhaps we are in the subways of New York: dirty tile, lights barely flickering, and the distant rumbling of a train.  Walking on the tracks we turn into a utility door and find ourselves in the caves of Lascaux, the rocky ceiling is quietly dripping drops of water that echo through the dark cave with horses and bulls accurately depicted on the walls.  We are in Jetson's like tube in the sky overlooking a futuristic city disappearing into the clouds.  We are in the flashing red hull of a submarine that is slowly filling with water through spraying cracks around bolts.  The hallway of a luxury hotel.  A mud filled trench. The foggy freezer of a butchers shop with hanging sides of beef on hooks.  And on and on.
This piece is about the emotional feeling of living in hyperreality, spending an equal amount of time in places physical, mental, and virtual and valuing them equally.  It is about forgetting you are in the theater when watching a movie, staying inside on a sunny day to play Crysis 2 on the PC, reading a whole book in one night, running everyday errands, and having Wikipedia on your phone.  
This piece would be executed in Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, and Photoshop and would be available to download for free for Mac and PC.
Sound design by Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell.
Project Timeline and Budget

Month 1:  Planning, Sketching, Prototype of progressivly loading endless tunnel enviroments.
Month 2:  3D Modeling
Month 3:  3D Modeling
Month 4:  Animation
Month 5:  Effects
Month 6:  Scripting
Month 7:  Sound design
$3250 for about 200 hours of work.  About 33 hrs a month.
$750 for about 40 hours of sound design.
$4000 total.
About the Artist(s) Involved

Tabor Robak

1986. Portland, Oregon.
Lives and works in New York. 
I am highly skilled in all aspects of creating digital work: 3D modeling, 2D imaging, animation and motion design, sound design, and programing.  Recently I have been investing much of my artistic energy into creating immerse virtual environments.  Commercially I have done work for many global company's including Nike, LG, Adidas, Canon, MTV, Showtime, Puma, etc.
2005-2010 BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon.
2011 New Mutants. Worksound Gallery. Portland, Oregon
Solo Exhibitions
2010 Quarterback, Appendix Project Space, Portland, Oregon.
Group Exhibitions
2011 Dazed Live Film Festival. London, England.
2011 Rhizome Benefit. New Museaum. New York, New York.
2011 Land Before Skype. CS13. Cincinnati, Ohio
2011 For Your Eyes Only. Kunsthalle New. Chicago, Illinois.
2011 READ/WRITE. 319 Scholes. New York, New York.
2011 DIS/PLAY. The Settlement at Pioneer Place Mall. Portland, Oregon. 
2011 Pepsi Throwback Label on a New Coke Can. Reference Gallery, Richmond, Virginia.
2011 Paint FX @ Antena. Chicago, Illinois.
2011 BNPJ.exe. Extra Extra, http://www.eexxttrraa.com, Online.
2011 Post-Internet Survival Guide. The Future Gallery at Gentili Apri, Berlin, Germany.
2010 JstChillin. http://jstchillin.org, Online.
2010 Carbon. The State, http://thestate.tumblr.com, Online.
2010 Browsing Internet Archaeology. Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania.
2010 Disjecta's 4th Annual Art Auction. Portland, Oregon. 
2010 Super Niche. 90 Bowery Internet Cafe. New York, New York.
2010 New Age Default. NewGallery London. London, England. 
2010 Festival de Arte Digital. Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
2010 Traces. Extremis Internet Cafe. Bucharest, Romania.
2010 Paint FX for Add-Art. Add-Art. http://www.add-art.org, online.
2010 Paint FX Live in Berlin. The Future Gallery. Berlin, Germany. 
2010 Deep Leap Microcinema. Microscope Gallery. New York, New York.
2010 Action. Ghost Gallery. Seattle, Washington.
2010 Crates and Laptops. We Live in NY $ LA. Chicago, Illinois.
2010 The Internet is a Terrible Place to Live. Grand Detour, Portland, Oregon.
2010 BFA Thesis Exhibition. Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, Oregon.
2010 For Real. Little Field Gallery. Portland, OR.
2009 World Wide Weird. Higgins Gallery. Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon.
2009 Guest Galleries. Internet Archaeology. http://www.internetarchaeology.org, Online.
2008 Monster. Appendix Project Space. Portland, Oregon.
2007 Text Me. BFA Gallery, Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, Oregon.
2006 BFA Juried Show. Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, Oregon.
2011 Post-Internet Survival Guide. Katja Novitskova, limited edition book. Berlin, Germany. 
2010 Nudity in Groups #02. Alex Felton and Kevin Abell, limited edition poster. Portland, Oregon.
2010 Interview in Front Magazine. The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada. 
2010 Showcase. Digital Arts Magazine, London, England.
2010 Black. Chase Biado, limited edition artist book. Portland, Oregon.
2010 Frankenstien. Justin Bland, limited edition artist book. Portland, Oregon. 
2010 I Want You Magazine. Seattle, Washington.
2010 General Fine Arts Departmental Award, Pacific Northwest College of Art.
2005 Merit Scholarship, Pacific Northwest College of Art.
Corporate Art Commissions
2005 Oswego Group, Beaverton, Oregon.
Aaron David Ross

Master of Fine Arts in Sound Art
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Graduated Spring 2010
Bachelors of Music in Composition
Columbia College Chicago
Graduated Spring 2007
Matthew Arkell
Bachelors of Art
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
Graduated Spring 2010
Artist(s) Work Samples

with Jon Rafman 
Virtual Enviroment 

Virtual Enviroment 

Virtual Enviroment 

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