Do you see what I see?

I would like to create an experience that allows two peolple to be connected through visual perception.
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Project Location

Denver Colorado United States of America
Artists Involved
Dmitri Obergfell
Project Description

Do you see what I see? is an exploration of the self and perception. This piece engages two participants through the fundamental experience of sight by exchanging their vision. The act of exchange functions as a way of closing the gap of physical experience in order to create an archetypal accord between its viewers. This work blurs the line of our physical beings and offers the opportunity for viewers to share perspective. Do you see what I see? seeks to express Bill Viola’s revelation, “the central core of my living being, my aliveness, is the same essence present within all people, and furthermore that this essence extends beyond the human family and lies embedded in the foundations of nature.”
I will use two pairs of video eyeglasses. The lenses of the glasses will be LCD monitors and cameras will be attached to the nose bridge. The camera on eyeglasses #1 will be wirelessly fed to the monitors on eyeglasses #2. The camera on eyeglasses #2 will be wirelessly fed to the monitors on eyeglasses #1.
This process will switch the eyesight of the two participants wearing the eyeglasses. The participant wearing eyeglasses #1 will “see” what the participant wearing eyeglasses #2 “sees” and visa versa.
I plan on appropriating Vuzix video eyeglasses and wireless cameras.
A final version of this sculpture will allow two people on opposing sides of the earth to exchange visions. This final step will be accomplished by implementing computers and existing software, like Ustream, to relay the project internationally.  Do You See What I See? will fulfill the cliché of walking in someone else’s shoes.
Project Timeline and Budget

(timeline is based on assumed commission schedule)
July 1st - order materials
July 14th - recieve all materials 
July 14th-21st - set up Vuzix and VideoComm. Experiement with getting the two units to communicate with each other.
July 21st-28th - Start testing with participants.
July 28th-August 11th - Start testing video glasses in two seperate locations (locally) using participants.
August 15th-August 29th - Ship video glasses and TV tuner to Adeline Jeudy of GALERIE L.J. BEAUBOURG, PARIS (FR)
August 30th-September 30th - Test project in seperate locations (Denver, CO & Paris, FR).
November 1st - 30th Exhibit Do You See what I see? at Redline's Green Dot Gallery, in Denver, CO
2 pairs of Vuzix Wrap 920 video eyeglasses: $800
2 VideoComm 5.8 GHz 8-Channel Selectable Pinhole CCD Camera & Reciever Kit: $800
-Includes:Transmitter 1.2 GHz 100mW with built in mircophone with 8 selectable channels
High Sensitivity Reciever R1200 STD standard 1.2 reciever
Audio & Video ouptut cable with RCA connectors 
2 whip antennas
Petite Sony Color Camera 550 Lines NTSC
2 TV Tuner for computer: $200
 International shipping: $100
Variable cost: $100
Estimated total cost: $2000

About the Artist(s) Involved


2010 Bachelor of Fine Art, emphasis Photography and Video Art 
         Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
Selected Professional Experience
Visitor Services Representative
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Boudler, CO.
DAM Installation Internship
Installation department at Denver Art Museum. Denver, CO.
Solo Exhibitions
2010 Huckleberry Hound. Philip J. Steele Gallery, Denver, CO
Two Person Shows

2011 Rap Music. Theory + Practice. Denver, CO
Selected Exhibitions
2011 Down The Rabbit Hole. Hinterland Art Space, Denver, CO
        Leaky Margins. Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, CO
2010 Open Show curated by Lucas Sirmans. LAAA/825 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
        4.0 Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
        Emerging Sculpture Showcase. Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO
        Down with the Sickness Too. Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 An Ill Affair. Redline. Denver, CO
2007 Pain Things. Rhinocerpolis. Denver, CO
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