To submit a proposal, applicants must sign up for a free Rhizome account. To sign up, please visit:

There are two parts to proposal submission:

STEP 1. Create a web page for your proposal.

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. OPTION A: Create a Rhizome hosted proposal through Rhizome's online application. This doesn't require any knowledge of HTML.
  2. OPTION B: Create an externally hosted proposal on your own website.

Rhizome has no preference towards which method you choose.

For OPTION A, simply prepare the required proposal information and enter this information, along with all relevant media, inside the editors on the proposal page. Saving the proposal will create an application page for you on

FOR OPTION B, create your own website/webpage for your proposal, submit the required registration information on the proposal page (including the FULL URL for the site and the short project summary). Saving the submission info and including the proper url to your webpage will enter your proposal into the commissions pool. Your webpage MUST have all the information required on the application form (summary, description, cv, etc), preferably on the landing page.

Once you have created a web page and/or prepared with your proposal information, you are ready for step 2.

STEP 2. Filling out your application.

If you choose to create a Rhizome-hosted proposal, saving the proposal will create an application page for you on

If you choose to host your own proposal, saving the submission info and including the proper url to your webpage will enter your proposal into the commissions pool.

We require the following information on the project proposal web page:

  • Project description (500 words max) that discusses your project's core concept, how you will realize your project, and your project's feasibility. If you plan to work with assistants, consultants, or collaborators, their roles and (if possible) names should be included.
  • A production timeline and a project budget, which should include your own fee. If you have other funding sources for your project, please indicate this in your budget.
  • Your resume or Curriculum Vitae. For collaborative groups, provide either a collective CV or the CV's of all participants.
  • Up to five work samples. Note: More is not necessarily better. You should include only work samples relevant to your proposal. If your proposal has nothing to do with photography, don't include images from your photography portfolio. Please provide contextualizing information (title, date, medium, perhaps a brief description) to help the jury understand what they are looking at. The work sample can take any form, as long as it is accessible via the web.

Please note that we do not accept proposals via email, snail mail, or other means. Proposals will be accepted until 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the date of the submissions deadline.

The project registration form requires the following additional information:

  • Name of artist or collaborative group
  • Email address
  • Place of residence (city, state/province, country)
  • Title of the project (this can be tentative)
  • Brief summary of project (500 characters max)
  • URL of web-based proposal (optional)

The jury will review all proposals online.

The following criteria will be used while reviewing submissions:

  • Feasibility. Can the proposed project be executed successfully within the proposed timeline?
  • Aesthetic innovation, conceptual sophistication, and impact. Aesthetic innovation, conceptual sophistication, and impact. Does the proposed project push the field of internet art?
  • Adherence to the Call for Proposals. Does the proposed work creatively engage technology or offer insightful reflections regarding the impact of new tools and media? Does the proposal reflect the Tumblr artistic community?
  • Momentum. The Rhizome Commissions Program and the Rhizome Tumblr Internet Art Grant supports emerging artists. It is important to consider at what moment in the artist's career this commission will be delivered. The Internet Art Grant should help artists reach the next stage of their development.


Please email Zoe Salditch at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.