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&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; (orbiting across the page) <p> <p> and still <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; are you touching &nbsp; the sky now? <p> are you pouring her wind? <p> and <p> watching her in? <p> or <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; does she cocoon the moth <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; till unearthly centers <p> <p> and begin <p> <p> <p> penny the well! <p> sunlight the candle! <p> unwrite the spaces! <p> <p> <p> can you hear her <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; reading? <p> This exhibit was created from poem up. I wrote the above poem and then entered chunks into Rhizome's search engine, choosing the first of the art pieces from the results. In this way, the poem serves as both a process and a theme. The end result is a series of abstract pieces united by abstraction. <p> The author of this exhibition lives in Virginia and studies psychology and creative writing. He is primarily interested in the intersection of new media and writing, specifically poetry.

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