Interactive art: art to have fun

Curated by Mayuko Miyamoto
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<p> Since digital art came into thiss world, artist have gained more ways and possibility to show their art, for example, films, music, internet, and so on. From 1969, many artists started thinking that the environment and interaction can be important part of media, so they started creating responsive environmen; PSYCHIC SPACE, MAZE, VIDEO PLACE. In the responsive environment, viewer interact with computer and environment created by artists to create art. I was very interested in the idea of responsive environment: viwer, artists, computer, and art intereact each other in one art piece (or room). (Krueger 1977) I think digital art has great possibility than any other kinds of art, because it can interact direrctly and easily with people. <p> I always feel gallery is one-way show in which viewer is shown art works by artists. I think that makes viewer very passive, so that some people may be bored, and I think it is boring. I want virers to get more involved into art in the gallery or participate one when they visit gallery. I really do not want them to just quietly watch pieces. I think people should participate and communicate to art more in order to enjoy it. So, for my exhibition, the pieces have to be interactive and/or environmental digital art. All of works are created for people to experience something through the works. Those works are different from just video game because I want viewer to feel and think something after they experience this gallery . People can buy video games from any store, but experience from this exhibition is special. <p> I was inspired by the art works from responsive environmental art, and I chose art works which is basically responsive to viewer. The art works are easy and simple for all of people from children to elder people so that they do not need to be scared of the stereo types that people have; difficulty or complexity of computer. I want the viewer to feel that they are invited. Museum and art is not only for people who know about art alot. All of people should get chance to enjoy it. If they can enjoy, they will have more interest to art, and digital art will be more popular. I believe digital/ new media art is a new way to socialize people. So, I think environmental/ interactive art is the best thing to have in exhibition.

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