IMPERMANENCE - Life Measured in Thousands of Frames (2010)

Curated by Joao Santos
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How does digital art enhance the present status of impermanence in our lives? By randomly selecting days, memories, spaces, events and emotions, within our innermost thoughts of life and death, in thousands of frames. And a frame here is seen as a depiction of a specific physical or psychological event that exposes an impermanence. In the past century we have seen the dramatic change of life's rhythm accelerating into a new modus vivendi. A lifestyle filled with imprecision and gaps; the state of permanent mutation. The constant evolution of technology reinforces this state of impermanence. All the digital mediums and devices add a volatile memory to the recordings of different events. The content can be portrayed in several time-space events with gaps in-between. The duration of the event depicted in a frame is the impermanence. The artworks selected for this exhibit talk about life's impermanence in a group of questions that will lead us to some reflections on grief, loss, imprecision, doubt, memory, path, emotion, identity, within the limits of our nature.

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