I Need to Tell You Something

Curated by Gabriela Scarritt
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The internet is sometimes referred to as the "Global Village." This name is fitting when considering the physical distance that is overcome so that people on opposite ends of the world are able to communicate. In some ways, however, it is a misnomer. Instead of being a community where everyone knows everyone else, it is a space where identity is intangible and hidden behind aliases and user names. The internet can instead be considered a big city where anonymity abounds. This anonymity allows for greater freedom of expression. When identity is hidden, truth is revealed more easily. The works in this exhibit are outlets for anonymous emotions. In many ways, they are like writing on bathroom walls. You can write anything because you do not have to account for anything you write. These works let their users tell their wishes, their frustrations, their lies, their secrets. They allow for users to be completely honest and bare their souls because their words cannot be traced. The works also release these messages into a public space. It is not enough for the users to simply write out their emotions; those emotions also need to be viewed by others to be deemed important. These works are cathartic tools. They encourage unmitigated honesty and provide a safe-haven for emotions by maintaining anonymity in an already nearly identity-free environment. These tools center around certain emotions or causes to narrow down the type of expression and to bring the user in contact with other people who feel the same way or share a similar experience. Most people need a confidant, someone to listen. These works give each anonymous user a confidant: another anonymous user.

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