net pedagogies? (2006)

Curated by bob sweeny
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what are current (actual and potential) new media pedagogies? if 'new,' aren't new forms of critique and creative methodologies required? where are these pedagogies being practiced? the atelier? the Department of Computer Generated Imagery? the Sprint store? do these varied practices fall under Peter Lunenfeld's notion of a 'hyperaesthetics'? should they even be considered aesthetic, with all of the modernist baggage attached to the term? this 'exhibit' is loosely defined by networked artworks that point to intriguing pedagogical possibilities. each work will be studied in a course that i am currently teaching -- ARED 281: Art Education and Visual Culture -- at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. responses to these works will come in the form of new works created by students, which they will add to the network. new networks (newtworks?) this is *rhizome*, for pete's sake.

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