Lost Time (2005)

Curated by Nick
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Being the time of the season that it is, one special day always creeps around that catches me off guard. Simply put, we call it Daylight Savings Time. For the longest time, I've been fascinated by this day, mainly because it takes what we've been used to the for past 6 months and smashes it to the ground. Where does this mystery hour disappear to or get added from? Why do we collectively ignore an hour of passing time or welcome an extra one? Shouldn't we just adjust our 24 hour clocks to accommodate the extra bit of time accummulated by the Earth's orbit? It seems a bit unnecessary now that we are in the midst of the computer age, to halt and edit our lives for some farmers that now make genetically altered food. (probably...) With this idea in mind, I decided to discover the way that time is represented in netart pieces, and different ways that we can approach the idea of time. Why do we assign digits to passing life? Is it possible to understand the passing of time without the use of digits?

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