challenging thought (2005)

Curated by aaron ashworth
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Big media has officially taken over our opinions. No matter which channel we watch for our news we are given the same stretches of the truth twisted to different degrees to satisfy our “individual” tastes with little room for independent opinion. Here in my exhibit I’ve chosen my favorite pieces in which the artists in one way or another challenge what we are ALLOWED to see and hear from our “unbiased” news SOURCE(s) through their opinions of war. Though an anti-war argument could be formulated through the collaboration of these pieces, it is not my intention in this case to uplift any political propaganda. Instead I am using these pieces to illustrate that we as the artists are responsible to inform, educate, and above all encourage thinking outside of that which is presented to us by our current system. The use of this subject matter to illustrate my point may in fact, present a cliché based on how we’ve debated and beaten this topic to the ground. (Especially as students here at Emerson where our thinking on the matter is constantly challenged) However there always have been and there always will be wars. Moreover it always will be up to those who consider themselves to be thinkers, i.e. the artist, not to present the public with “an” or “the” answer but to challenge the thinking of greater society as whole. That is our challenge and what these net art artists have done.

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