sexuality of the net (2005)

Curated by Rich Bradley
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Sex and new media may seem an illogical pairing. The cold, digital abyss of the computer realm would perhaps be better suited to exploring international economics, or making little animated robots fight. Why should net artists attempt to deal with the most intimate of all human subjects? The simplest answer, perhaps, is that it’s inescapable. There is no manmade medium entirely devoid of sex. The Internet may be made up of metal, wires, zeroes and ones, but you can always count on people to find a way to sexualize it. In fact, the Web itself has spawned a sexual revolution of its own. How long did it take people to fill every corner of the Net with evidence of their desires, perversions, and all other kinds of sexual matter? Sex was in there from day one. Therefore, net artists have a duty to explore the topic of sex via new media, and all the various forms it takes in the modern, digital era. Some artists choose to explore sex and new media through humor and irony. Others investigate the new and different ways in which sexuality is expressed on the Web. I have selected some examples of art that deal with sex on these and other levels. These are by no means the only works on this site to do so, but they suit my purposes well here.

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