Dear Untitled. (2011)

Curated by j_smith
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The relationship between internet and privacy is a peculiar one with forever blurring boundaries. Many feel that their private lives are invaded and dislocated by the internet and networking sites; yet they still choose to publish the most mundane or personal experiences and thoughts to the world. “Dear Untitled.” explores this strange world; from the publishing of one’s private experiences to the sharing of the most conventional every day thoughts. It explores issues of the evolution of the secretive and personal world of the diary to the world wide sharing of such private matters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “(the photographic-diary project)” by Jimmy Owenns is a diary in the form of photographs by the artists with small snippets of phrases. The artist is publishing himself to the world through medium described as a diary even though it lacks the common connotations of what a diary “is”. It lacks both writings of experiences and emotions and it is being shown to whoever wishes to see it. Yet it still describes his emotions and possesses a form of secrecy in that the viewer can never fully understand what his diary is saying. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In Scott Brewster’s “secret.” We are presented with an extremely private experience from his diary which has interpreted into a very public piece of art. The diary entry recalls his experience of revealing his homosexuality to his parents. The work displays what is probably one of his most prominent and important memories whilst removing the emotional writings that narrates the experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monica Lozano’s “Dear Diary” is a reaction to the invasion of her diary by an unwelcome reader. She talks of the suffering of one’s private thoughts being invaded and the effect it had on her self-expression; she reaches a strange effect. She claims it meant she could not write her innermost feelings because of it; yet here she publishes snippets and explorations of her thoughts in order to illustrate her private mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hello World!...” by Christopher Baker explores the ever growing video diary. A further move from the traditional diary; video diaries on sites such as YouTube invite ridicule and spoofs mocking the individuals' expression of self. Anonymity is lost. It is as far from the concept of diary as one can get. Video diaries attach themselves to the term of “diaries” through the expression of personal experience and emotion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ellie Harrison’s “Tea Blog” is a blog of the most mundane of her daily thoughts. Many of which most would say are pointless in being shared. However, it is these thoughts that one often writes in their diary. So yet again, it is strange to publish them. Although many would argue that most “tweets” and Facebook updates are based upon the thoughts one experiences during a cup of tea or coffee.

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