Challenging the Values (2011)

Curated by anastasia_m
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Art as a concept is becoming increasingly unstable, challenging all the possible constraints and employing new, less and less tangible media. This at the same time not only proclaims an increasing immateriality of art, but also questions its quality, authenticity and cultural contribution. An exhibition of digital art as such is a manifesto of these qualitative changes. Moreover, still being tied to the same old term ‘art’, it pushes the boundaries even further and makes the speculations on the definition of art even more acute. This exhibition features five pieces touching on either art in its classic sense being employed by modern digital art, or topical, challenging and satiric reflections on what art actually is today. Altogether, it constitutes the general impression of modern attitude to the notion of art and to its values. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- About: Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin: This is the key piece, embodying the main concept of the exhibition: how art is being re-examined today, how artists move away from physical media not only creating completely new types of ‘virtual’ art, but also ‘digitalising’ the tangible media and actually existing pieces. Through this work Markus Kleine-Vehn explores the properties of a physical painting transformed into abstract data. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A New Alphabet: Jeanie Dean's piece claims to present a new type of iconographic language based on 'a new alphabet'. It explores a synthesis of texts and images, but more importantly, it employs digital copies of famous artworks as either background or visual aids, which consequently challenges the very essence of classic art, questions the meaning of the pieces as solely artworks and encompasses them in a new type of visual connotation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Be An Artist: This skeptic and sarcastic work invites us to take part in a very simple ‘art test’, advertised in the best traditions of modern consumerism. It predictably proclaims every participant a potential artist, therefore challenging the modern artists’ authority, skills and talent. Consequently, it questions the quality of contemporary art and highlights its exaggerated commercial role as opposed to doubtful cultural impact. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Art Is…: 'Art is...' is a witty response to a series of comics ‘Love is…’ produced in the ‘70s. Every picture includes a brief definition of art, presenting the key concepts and rules of contemporary art in a simplified mode. Together with pictures, it also ironically implies the controversial nature of modern art as such and the blurred boundaries of its definition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Original: Carlos Katastrofsky’s work touches on another problematic issue of art today, which is ownership. The growing concern in this area triggers debates on originality of works, their authenticity and the relations between an original and a copy. The author suggests ‘purchasing’ a work of art, the main value of which is its originality, backed up by a unique serial number. Apart from introducing the idea of ‘Internet museum', this work makes us think that the fact of owning a piece today is more valuable than the quality of this piece itself.

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