Graffiti in the Digital Age (2011)

Curated by anieto
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What I wanted to explore in this exhibition was, Web Graffiti as art. Graffiti for me was is a type of street art that tells people about who lives there. But in data space how can the art of Graffiti be explored? Well first we will explore the code Graffiti: starting with “www.-reverse.-flash-.-.back-“ a web site that makes use of database and narrative to create a sort of hack of your computer, but a beautiful hack/ pop-up. The website takes you on a narrative that seems out of a Twilight Zone episode of nuclear apocalypse using code ascii characters and Mac clip art. In “female extention” generative art was used to hack a web art competition, where 170 web pages where submitted by generating fake women to enter the contest. This hack makes me think of graffiti because the artist / programmer was making a statement about women in the computing world and in order to stress the point of the lack there of women in the industry she had to make them up. In the final piece I include “gameboy_ultraF_uk” which is not exactly a hack but a modification of a Gameboy emulator to screw up with the images of the system. The bit art would show up chopped and screwed. The second kind of Web Graffiti I put in this gallery was Collected from the web type. Where people participate knowingly or unknowingly as types of Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed. “Bcc(Blank Carbon Copy)” takes posting on forums, which I think are a type of digital graffiti because people stamp their names on streets in digital space and like Graffiti artist usually come up with a name to post up with e.g. a screen name. A type of Forum Theater is created where conversations between people online are re-contextualized and given new meaning. In “” people go to a website and post text of whatever they want and those post are recapitulated on a digital screen where people walk by and are displayed the text. This reminded me of both Invisible theater and newspaper theater where the poster know where the words come from. And last but not least on my list of Web Graffiti is a person going on counter strike the video game and making “virtual” graffiti’s on the walls of the game. The name is “Counter Street Art” and some great screen shots are captured by the artist in game while spraying the walls with his graffiti.

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