Taboo of Death (2011)

Curated by Lindsay
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A taboo of death has always plagued humanity. We avoid it like the plagues themselves that kill us. The stench of death that makes us fear the deceased. The fear that leads us to bury the dead, out of sight, out of mind. These exhibits and sites take on this fear and reject the taboos that are so deeply ingrained in our minds and morals. Taboo is the silent and powerful modifier of our conscious decisions and everyday interpretation of morals. Taboo leads us to shun, to separate, to disregard. It leads us to an ignorant fate of unconscious decisions, decisions that are not considered but rather fulfilled through instinct. Taboo serves to divide the population of the world by protecting and bolstering notions of superiority and greed. Taboo leads us to shelter our children, to deny them the right to develop opinions and think freely and logically. These exhibits serve to break down taboos. They confront them head on, bringing up questions like: Is death predictable? What are the implications and fears brought about by suicide? Is death ever a solution? Do morals allow for blessings? What reality is there behind taboos?

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