Collapsing Divide (2011)

Curated by Derrek Lee
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This collection of art is inspired by my own attributes. In other words, each artwork is chosen to depict a different aspect of my personality, or aspects of my life that have shaped me into who I am today. The title itself is taken from a poem I wrote, where I have come to the deduction that I must embrace each and every part of me in unified bliss, as opposed to segregating and isolating these pieces. It is time I let down the walls and expose myself. The first attribute is Obsession, along with the art piece "Edison Mobile Remake". The reason I chose this particular piece was the medium that it was created on: a mobile phone. To be more specific, it is a Nokia N90, which was the very phone that caused my unending over-obsession with Nokia Corp that everyone I have encountered can now associate with me. It is also a comment on my obsession with technology, how much it has grown, and how much we can accomplish with it, from Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope to todays fast evolving smartphones. The second art piece, "Downloading Pixels", is all about Diversity, but in more ways than one. I am diverse with culture, sexuality, emotion, and many more aspects. The ability to switch around the patterns is a perfect example of the many ways one idea can apply to many things. The third piece, "What is Love?", falls under the category of Realization. I have struggled, as many have, with love, and was unsuccessful in finding that one untarnished love that we all so long to grasp. Only through these struggles did I come to realize that love can be found in more than just one person, because love what we make it out to be, and has many definitions. Therefore, in my eyes, love is within the people that have deeply affected me over the course of my life, including those who have just entered my new life as a college student. The fourth piece is one that affected me on a personal level, but with no relation to the actual events depicted in the piece; the effection originates from the title "Whenever I see a plane, I remember the smell...". I have lived a very hard life, and have struggled through many things that a child, let alone anyone, should not have to go through. These events all occurred within my home city of San Diego, CA, a city which I consciously decided to leave. I openly detest returning, because whenever I do, the familiar senses associated with the city only remind me of the things I had to go through, and those are memories better left forgotten. Though not as sever as the events depicted in the art piece, I cannot help but feel as if my San Diego tore down my foundation and left me struggling to rebuild. Lastly, the fifth and final art piece, "Every Barcode". This, I interpreted as a comment on identification, which I see as how society labels individuals and/or groups. I have had to deal with the identification of being African American, despite openly identifying as Latino. I feel as if my darker skin is a barcode that checks out as "African American", wrongly labeling me. I would like to stress that it is important that we look past these barcodes and actually look at each other, unassuming and without slapping labels upon each other. Every Person, not Every Barcode.

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