Media Landscapes (2011)

Curated by cglee
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People are always trying to find faster and better ways of communicating with each other. From mail to telegraphs, telephones, and finally the Internet, our ability to communicate information to one another across vast distances has increased exponentially. Likewise, our perception of physical space has shrunk. An email to the other side of the planet costs nothing and arrives in an instant. What is this new space that has so easily superseded the limits of the physical world? The Internet has no limits, no horizons, no beginning and no end. There is only one endless landscape made of digital media. It is an unmappable world that never ceases to change. Begin the exhibit by letting the poetry of "]and_scape[" play in the background. Each piece represents a way that different forms of digital media and communication devices interact with each other. The landscapes are at first simple, geometric and colorless. As you continue the landscape changes, folding in on itself from the collision of different media. With the finale "Location of I", the gap between the digital and the real is bridged. From your nowhere-ness in the Internet you might see yourself in the real world. It is these intersections of digital media that serve as our landmarks in the wilderness of the Internet. Can you take a journey if you never move? In this digital landscape, even your sense of self is lost - you can be everywhere, or nowhere.

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