Chaos base for the age of the internet (2011)

Curated by 123lkj
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In today's day and age we rely on the internet to do some activity in our every day lives. Even this Exhibition I created i needed the internet to do it. Many people access the internet each day. At first the internet was created it was used on such a small scale that there was plenty of empty space with very few users. This can be seen in beauty and chaos, Light Paper Sound and glyf: construct. In each one of these pictures the whole design starts out from one point and slowly gets bigger. In the other pictures except for city lights you can see the lines crossing colliding and joining then breaking apart. These graphs represent users of the internet today as in our paths on the internet may be separate for a while but we will run into other users on the internet today in a number of ways with just one example being a social networking site like facebook. All of these images except for city lights are images of chaos theory. Chaos theory is always changing and so is the internet. All of these images have points in them where everything is calm that is where all the lines meet and places where they don't. The city lights image shows that even though are path on the internet may be our own we still will run into other users every so often.

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