Head-Phones (2011)

Curated by sdraper
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Sound surrounds us. Even without hearing, the vibrations are present and felt. Sound has the ability to tap into our minds through sensations that envelope us. Sound can be an artful escape, much like a good read or captivating film. These works deal with themes of sound surrounding us, motivating us, and joining us together to collaborate. "White Noise" invites the participant to a screen of different colors in a bright, friendly format. However, each color corresponds to a different abrasive electric sound looping out of your speakers. When the colors change, the sounds change. The participant is overwhelmed with vibrant colors and harsh, metallic screeches, engulfing him or her in an environment of light and sound. Eventually a combination exists that will quell the noise, which is the proposed "objective" of the puzzle. Whether one interprets their dive into discord as pleasurable or not is up to them. "Eavesdropping" examines the relationship between music and human attitude. It heightens moods and encourages "shared experiences." Participants input their moods into the system during a performance, are given acoustic feedback in the form of music and are then asked to verify if the music corresponded with the mood first inputted. "Audio Igloo" literally surrounds spectators in sound. An igloo is constructed out of speakers, stereos, mixers, and other sound equipment, all facing inward. Inside the structure, the sound of white noise is played for spectators to appreciate. This chamber of electromagnetic sound-waves offers a meditative perspective on noise and perhaps something listeners have never quite experienced. "Song" takes field recordings of a peaceful woodland setting and emphasizes sounds through color accents in a panoramic video of a forest. When the camera passes by a new sight of color, the sounds heard shift to match. "Voice Mosaic" fuses voices with images, all generated from telephone conversations targeted at a predesignated phone number. The conversations are heard in real-time with newly-generated images to accompany the sounds. This not only creates an audio-environment to experience but also a chance to give speech and conversation the same forum as music or sound art. Each of these pieces use the advantages of digital media to show how sound envelopes us in different ways: in our homes, in nature, on the phone, and even in our thoughts.

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