Representations of Reality (2011)

Curated by Pineapple_Jedi
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The concept of the Spectacle which Guy Deboard outlines in, The Society of the Spectacle, is one that I believe each college student and every person should read at least once in their lives (college especially). Deboard published the work in 1969 and it is even more relavant today then when it first came out. I kept the Spectacle and people's desire to be part of the Spectacle in mind as I searched for different artworks. We are in a time where the representation of reality is starting to assume the role of reality, through images and the mass culture of television. We as a society embraced the technology for mass distribution of images, via the television, and allowed it into our homes. Today screens (TV, computer, cell phones) dominate our world soliciting different lifestyles and offering an escape of reality. The celebrity has created a desire to represent reality on screen which has led to reality shows, the emergence of Youtube sensations, and infotainment news channels (CNN, FOX, and most major news corporations unfortunately have gone down this path) . A representation of reality is never reality and will always remain a representation even if altered to conform to the standards of the Spectacle. We live in a world where ideologies are conveyed and forged at a young age through television shows and advertisements. And as people we must be conscious of what we take for granted and as common sense in a world surrounded my images that solicit certain ideologies.

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