God's Hand (2011)

Curated by avanmeeteren
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"God's Hand" is a series of artworks where they all embody the same idea of human control over creation in a way only that can be described as the user playing god. Everyone in the world ask themselves the universal question of what happens to us once we die and if there truly is a superior being that controls what we do or at least created us to make our own decisions and act accordingly. Well humans have found our own way to play god with artificial life, which is exactly what this exhibition displays. The artworks here range from the literal creation of another life through virtual reality to the creation by the user of environments that always changes and can be altered by certain inputs. We the users literally do possess God's hand of creation for life except, as these artworks show, most users do not truly show compassion or any emotional connection to the life they have created making everyone cruel gods. We have found a way to live a whole new life through something else so we can fix faults we may have faced and try to cheat our way out of any responsibilities and start over. This is an exhibition set to let all viewers ask themselves have we ever really stopped to consider what vast power we now have in our control with technology? We are mortal gods with technology and with such power comes responsibility.

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