My Digitized Self (2011)

Curated by sunburnedice
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The main theme around these art pieces is the idea of how on the internet, we are digitized and can easily create social-networks while our lives in reality could be very lonely. In "A javanized flesh", the artist creates an emotional romance story through a computer's viewpoint by implementing Java. This suggests although we are online, we still long for a certain aspect of human connection. In addition, both "Attention Hog" and "A program for lonely birthdays" demonstrate the idea of people longing for communities to a point when it stresses and forces them to actually take action-whether it may be in the real world or the virtual world. The art pieces "Avatar Project" and "Body Extension" both describe the sense of immersion that people have when connected to cyberspace. Body Extension is interesting because Tom Forkin had a plaster and picture of his hand. However, he destroyed after uploading the picture to the internet, which meant Tom made an extension of himself that only existed on the internet.

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