A Rehearsal for Extinct Personality: The Perils of Modern Living (2005)

Curated by Andy Calnan
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As an art student living in the City, I cannot help but notice how repetitive city life is and how city dwellers are subconsciously reminded of our conformity wherever we may look. Everything from the repetition of ads and buildings to being herded like cattle onto public transport systems stifles the human need for individuality. If you were to stop 100 people on the street and ask them if they considered themselves to be individuals, more than likely, everyone would say they are. While they may have a few individualistic qualities, they have much more in common with the people around them then they will acknowledge. The loss of identity is celebrated through the media and not mourned. People are made to feel insecure about themselves, and urged to fit in with the rest of society. Even the advertisements that stress individuality are still selling the consumer a mass produced product that hundreds of thousands of other consumers will be using. This art exhibit takes a look at conformity through oversaturation, loss of individuality in art, and the dissassociation of humanity from nature in the world around us.

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