Nature in an Artificial Interface (2011)

Curated by canders1
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Nature in an Artificial Interface looks at the ways nature is captured and explored in a new, digital medium. Nature, in its essence, is the quintessential opposite of the digital world. Nature is primal and ancient, where the digital world is new and uncharted. To place the natural world in a cyber space poses an interesting dynamic. Some may believe that there is nothing more breathtaking than seeing nature in its rawest state, but placing nature in a digital light also merits beauty. It's like watching the native world through a different lens, although different-there is still a beautiful aspect to the experience. In these five pieces, nature is explored through a digital medium. "Compressionism" is a compilation of camera data from a device attached to a man as he walks through natural spaces. Nature is recorded and restructured to create a piece of new media art, utilizing natural beauty in a new form. "Growth Rendering Device" watches a plant grow, and as it grows, a machine draws its growth pattern-again, creating art from nature's beauty. "A Camp, Eh" utilized two mediums, first classic art and then new media art, illustrating another dual relationship between different mediums coming together to create something new. Both "15 Hiding Places" and "All Horizons" are engaging pieces that allow the viewer to look at nature through a different lens. All the pieces come together to create a relationship between the old and new. This relationship is explored and appreciated when seen in this light, and the new dynamic gives birth to something beautiful.

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