Miss, Ms., Mrs. (2011)

Curated by Guadalupe_Sanchez
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This exhibition is the accumulation of artworks that deals with the issues of female identity, violence towards women, and the way female bodies are portrayed and viewed by women themselves and by others as well through the means of digital media. "Karaoke", is a piece of artwork that tries to help bring up those that have been a victim of domestic violence, as it shows a woman on the ground, in front of the freezer, covering her head as if asking to stop getting beat. This artwork is a great way to show the issue that violence towards women should not be tolerated and should be seen as a wide issue that must be dealt with. "Outskirt," is an artwork that in a way shows how it feels to be walking in a women's shoes. In a way it wants to prove that looking up a women's skirt, or even more, taking a picture of it, is by all means not right. It really seems that media just keeps objectifying women even more, but this artwork shows a women's perspective about how she feels and what she can do to prove her point that women are more than what they have up their skirts, but are also humans, with an identity, that is also unique, intelligent, and has much to offer. The artwork, "gender[f]," addresses all the issues about identity, gender bias, and violence towards women. It's a list of women's poems, stories, and art that together show the problems that still are intact today. It shows how horrible it is to be a victim of domestic violence, to not feel as if you don't have an identity, and to not be treated equally because of gender bias. It's point is to prove that all women have an identity and self-worth and to give aid to those that have ever been victims of discrimination towards them for simply being a woman. "World of Female Avatars," is a piece that deals with the way women portray themselves and their bodies. Many women have the misconception that there is a specific way that every woman should look like because of the media. This artwork, has many women's opinions about how they see themselves and together they are able to see that they are not alone in their opinion, but a lot of women also face the same issue. This artwork is a great piece to show that women have a unique identity as individuals and see that everyone is different but in their own way beautiful. "Pieces of Herself," is a work that was done to show the identity of women in public and private spaces. You go around in different areas and add pieces to a body and once they are added, footage of women's interviews, or music is played. This piece shows the inclusion of women in an every day's society. The purpose of my exhibition was to address the issues that are mainly tied to women, such as identity and violence. Violence is an issue that must be addressed because many women have dealt and continue to deal with this issue. Women need to rise up and from the floor on the ground and have a stand. They need to know that they are worth more and show that it is not right to be treated with violence. Women also need to see the beauty within them. They need to know that they all have an identity, and show that they are not objects but humans with a purpose.

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