Film 20C exhibition (2011)

Curated by justinkohlberg
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In my daily life, I am very much interested in both the possibilities and limitations of expressing oneself through the art of photography, so I have chosen my exhibition to include this as a running theme throughourt each artwork presented.They are each based upon various means of exploring the unorthodox creation,presentation and interaction between still images and the viewer. "Your sFace of Mine?" is making a statement about the human body and the means of expression each of us as individuals would like to exhibit successfully. This artwork also raises the issue of the "perfect" body and its specific geometry, allowing the user to select different sections of a face to use in creating their own version of the photograph that is presented. In "Same Old Dreams", however, it is a very different type of photo-based experience. The work is very much interactive, allowing the user to be a direct participant in its exhibition by inputing small textual entries into its database. Its framework is set upon several still images that link to separate mouse-reactive pages that can be clicked on to reveal small animations on top of the main framework of the photo. "Stereo" is an artwork based upon the idea of photography as a disrutptive force in time, and it showcases the relationships between sound and images in a particular space. It uses the concepts of sterephony and stereoscopy to use these two elements in conjunction with each other to test the exact relationships between both stereophonic sounds and stereoscopic images. "[HaRdWaRe]"takes the concept of photography, particularly that of pornography, and delves into the space of the artist's computer. He asks the question "what would it be like if someone was looking inside my computer right now?" so as to express both his answer and play with the idea that on each person's computer, pornographic images must exist. "noflightzone" explores the soundscapes and visual images that have come from Los Angeles during the 911 flight ban on air traffic. The artist uses both still and moving images to create a space that comments on the state of both confusion and mental anguish our nation experienced during this time. The running theme of photography put forth in this exhibition should give insight into what possibilities artists are able to explore in providing a message about this specific medium of still images.

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