War or Terror (2011)

Curated by skoobati
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<br> The theme of this exhibit is the effects of terror, and the war on terror upon society. The war on terror has created a society that is now constantly exposed to war and its detrimental effects. “Whenever I see a plane, I remember the smell” by Genco Gulan illustrates the constant relationship between locations and their constant impediment of a potential terrorist attack. Words of War by Ronnie Shahmoon showcases the disconnect between the languages and cultures associated with the war on terror. !C! by Reynald Drouhin is an interactive portrayal of the constant fear that is told to Americans. Any location at anytime could be gone. This realization came to Americans after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All of this constant fear seen in the first three works is then put into reality in the last three works. <br> (T)error by, Robert Praxmarer requires the viewers to participate as soldiers facing and partaking in Americas war’s in Afghanistan and Iraq. This piece brings the wars to us and its effects home to its citizens. g,b,g by, LD is an anti war video created in 2003. The video is a collection of footage from an anti war protest and conveys a distance to the audience that the war has brought not only to Americans but globally. Lastly My boyfriend came back from the war by Olia Lialina tells us the true effects of distance that war brings to all people, those who fight and those who wait for their return. <br> This exhibit is to show how the terrorist attacks of 9/11 has divided peoples all across the world, with language and the physical/ psychological effects of the wars that followed. All of the work in this show were created post 9/11 and have a heavy reliance upon the effects of the terrorist attacks and the actions taken by the Unites States Government following these tragic events. The attacks disconnected many people and the varying methods of communication between peoples and governments. Governments saw that the public was easily frightened and instilled a sense of fear amongst the citizenry. The cure for this fear was said to be WAR. However the effects of war were not seen as an act of terrorism, but as a game and something to be achieved.

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