FLASH and Subtle messages (2011)

Curated by ashlom15
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More than meets the eye? What caught my attention with these pieces was not how they looked, but the fact that they are much more than what they seem. Art is not always flat, it can be multidimensional. It can also have multiple messages not just one. As you will see all of these pieces are in some way or another interactive and hold philosophical underpinnings. -- Barcode Web Counter-- In their work Blake and Halabuda use something as simple as barcodes to create dynamic are pieces. Using a scanner and multiple barcodes, he creates enormous collages that are actually interactive. For music stars the bar codes are actual songs.This particular piece uses the barcode to show you the number of visitors to the site. They used Javescript and xml for this piece. --Progressive Load-- I was not sure what to think about this piece. It has an obvious political message, with the images of protesters and war.I choose it because I thought it was creative. It forces you to be active in looking at these images. You get bombarded with words and images that make you aware of certain political issues. The images are pixelated so it makes it a little hard to see the images, but because of that you really look at it to try and understand it. --Sonic Map-- This has to be one of my favorites. They use sound to bring a park in London to you. They use Flash and a navigational system to allow you to travel the part. Using sound to bring you something you might never get to experience. You also have the choice of having your eyes closed or open them, basically allowing you to see the park map.It starts off simple enough until you get to play around with the map. I choose this because of its creative use of sound on the internet. --Slow Mosaic-- This piece also uses Flash to create this database of images. Using a search you type in a word and the images are generated, it even allows you to print out the ones you like. It brings up images that go with the word that I had not thought would come up. It is not just a single image, as I originally thought. It brought up so many other images. --Because Why-- This caught my attention because the image was so simple...Why. The simplicity is that your answer is going to be Because. I had expected it to be this complicate thing, only to be answered with Because. Once again this was not what it seemed to be. I choose these pieces because they made me thing and because they were active. One way or another you had to use your keyboard or mouse to navigate the webpage. Having to do that brought the message home. Art is a way to express yourself, I'm beginning to see that the internet is a new form of artistic expression.

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