Film 20c 2011 (2011)

Curated by Justin Woolley
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New emerging works of digital media have used processes such as databases and self interactive technology/code writing to become unique, new styles of art. With such popularity in new, emerging digital media, different techniques and styles of digital driven art have caught audiences attention world wide. The work titled, "1969," though very simple, is a collaboration of nuclear blast images turned into colorful art works stated to depict postmodernism. This piece entails personal interaction and choice to drive it's artistic beauty in digital media. "Untitledcity," created by Moises Mana, uses an American database in the aspect that it creates layers of hypertext code to guide the user to find their relations in the online society. This compares quite well to borges "Garden of Forking Paths" essay, in which layers of information and data build the story itself, without any particular formation or linearity. Another collaborative piece, "abadyl," uses the artist, Micheal Johansson's coined term "fieldasy" to describe the work, which involves audience participation to create a city of collaboration and different scenarios to whatever the user chooses. The creation of the world of abadyl lies solely in the hands of the audience, who are able to manipulate the virtual space with their own, personal styles. Re-creating the famous film shown by Vertov in class, "Man With A Movie Camera: the Global Remake," uses participatory clips of video from around the world to create a more modern, interactive version of the original work done in 1929 in Russia. Mainly focusing on creating new interpretations of Vertov's film, this piece uses an enormous database of clips made my audiences to piece together a more modern version and interpretation of the famous, "Man with the Movie Camera." Finally, the art piece done by Jillian Mcdonald titled "Snow Stories" uses various sounds, video clips, pictures and animations to create a personal visual narrative for the audience. By use of a "database driven story engine," Mcdonald uses extremely interactive methods along with an information base of clips/sound to entice and lure watchers, quite similar to the works of the Template Cinema by Craighead and Thomson. Such use of personal interaction along with database and archive information helps to attract outsiders and keep them interested by having to put forth their own effort in creating a work of digitally driven art.

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