Like Light (2011)

Curated by Dawn Davidsen
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In the same way that photons give us the ability see everyday objects, tones, colors, textures, Art has the ability to give vibrancy to our imaginations and musings. These works can be individually seen as a type of refraction, where various inputs, ideas, aesthetics seem to bend and are recreated through the perspectives of the artist. "Poem # _" exemplifies this theme in that the Terrasi's work is driven by concepts, ideas and passion. How Terrasi realizes this work, is similar to a bending of that concept from the mind into, in this case, the digital sphere. 1969 is a more direct embodiment of this idea of "refraction" in that it "remixed Cold War nuclear blast and fallout diagrams to make colorful abstract images as a critical allegory of postmodernism" (Myers)."A Me Mi Piace La Gnocca" is more of an abstraction, in the sense that one can see the creation of art as an illumination. Seveso's use of color as well as his juxtaposition of light and shadow illuminates upon figures in a way that makes the eye focus upon the concept of sexuality. Within "Utopia," the artist "simply [tries] to prompt a reflection on how digital technologies affect our behavior and our vision of life." The idea of prompting reflection is also seen here, in a more interactive sense, where the artist is creates a space where ideas can be seen as surfaces that can reflect the light bulb that turns on within our own minds when we interact with the piece.

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