Communication Moves Through Digital Space (2011)

Curated by thwillis
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Art communicates, whether interactive or stationary. However, the works included in this exhibition use digital space as a medium to communicate with voice, and sounds. Each of these sites include ways to navigate and interact with this digital space. Each of these works have different purposes but they all work to create a space for communication and sounds to be used as a way to understand how it connects each individual to the rest of the world, whether through a digital medium or real life. Kacie Kinzer's Tweenbots project is an interactive project where a robot communicates where it wants to go and needs people's help in order to find its way. The idea that communication can be thought of as a movement that connects people is embodied in these five different works. Disembodied Voices is an interactive site that allows the audience to pick a voice and listen to people's conversations together as the "moving people's" voices become a collage of voices. The site allows the audience to interact throughout the site and play around with the different ways to understand communication, and the way it is communicated through different cultures. Communication is a universal action, however languages and ideas cannot always be communicated universally. Aux2mondes uses the digital space to create a web of links in which connect different audio that has no order until the user creates a narrative based on their choices. Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs is a blog where there is a song after each post, this touches upon the idea that text can be misinterpreted online, the tone and voice helps get the sites point across. The site uses the digital space to communicate in the way we communicate in real life with song. Singing Bridges records audio from different bridges from all over and emphasizes how communication is a movement. Finally the Sonic Map of Battersea Park creates a map in which you close your eyes and interact with sounds and voices and then can switch maps and see where the sounds are coming from, this adds to the idea of movement as well. Each of these sites, show different ways in which the world communicates ideas and sounds. It is through these sounds and ideas that each person is linked together in the world. These pieces represent a way to connect individuals through interactive sites and new ways to communicate through digital mediums.

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